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A Diary of a Green Spirituality Activist in trying to realise an Idea whose time should come 1989….

April 29th- Attended a Warwick District Faiths Forum tour which included a visit to the Forest Hermitage, Theravada Buddhist monastery, where there was a talk by Ajahn Manapo. We then had a talk about Paganism in the nearby woods from a member of the Pagan Federation. The was followed by a talk by Quakers at the Friends Meeting House in Ettington. Finally there was a your of Leamington Gurdwara and free lunch.…/faiths-forum-chairman-from-leamington-is-citizen-o..




April 22nd – Gathering of old LETS members to try and restart the organisation after a period of decline in membership and trading activity. People attended made a commitment to keep the organisation going.


May 4th – Having stood for election as a county Councillor for the Green Party got 275 votes.…elections/…/county_and_town_council_elections_20.


April 4th- Attended a meeting with Age Concern at Campion School as a volunteer in the project to refurbish Norman Painting’s pond and dipping platform in the Painting’s Plantation nature reserve.…/paintings-plantation-nature-reserve-receives-some-green-finger…/paintings-plantation-nature-reserve-receives-some-green-finger



April 2nd- Attended the England and Wales Green Party Conference to vote on various matters. Later heard very rousing speeches from Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, Mar Garcia of the Green Party in Spain, Margaret Blakers from the Global Greens, Pekka Haavisto from the Green Party in Finland, and Frank Habineza from the Green Party of Rwanda. After the conference met Dr. Frank Habineza, president of the Federation of African Greens, who was standing for the presidency of Rwanda, having got 37% of the vote last time. He endured much for democracy, his running partner had been assassinated in the past and he was exiled from the country in 2010. He was very interested in my book and he and his friend Dr. Papa Meissa Dieng fought each other for a copy as I only had one copy with me. They invited me to do an eco tour of Africa talking about Green Spirituality, and assured me of good hospitality.…/Green_Party_of_England_and_Wales_leadership_election,……/dr-papa-meissa-dieng-sg-de-la-federation…/244-the-earth-rights-africa-summary-report-for-the-se..


April 1st- Attended a session which looked at working towards Ocean Sustainability. I made a comment from the floor that richer countries should help fund technology to help smaller countries stop over fishing by wealthier countries. The speakers were Linnea Engstrom from Sweden Green Party, Mohamed Fares from the Green Party of Morocco, Judith Giblin from the Green Party of Fiji, Ernest Kolly from the Solomon Islands Green Party and Roger Proudfoot from the Green Party of England. At lunch time the Eco Messengers did some busking at the entrance to the conference to raise money for the global greens by playing “Merseybeat” songs. We raised £50 over the two lunchtimes. From 2pm to 3.30 there was a session discussing the rise of illiberal democracies and the move to the right and how greens can reverse the trend. The speakers were Liz Kennedy from the Center to American Progress in the USA, Adam Ostolski from the University of Warsaw in Poland and Jens Siegert from Public Diplomacy, EU and Russia and Germany. Then went on to a small workshop which was discussing the problems of keeping the forests as commons. I contributed the idea that richer nations and possibly the United Nations could give technological assistance to monitoring the destruction of forests. Very dismayed of the accounts from Indonesia where the government was not at all concerned of the effects of growing palm plantations. Finally went to fascinating workshop on greens and Eco –Socialist alliances. Heard Derek Wall speak about the Marxist and left alliances. In the evening watched a great performance from the Eco Group Seize the day.éa_Engströmöpartiet-de-gröna…/working_paper_pacific_small_island_states_1_0.pdf…/…/liz-kennedy-corporate-capture-threatens-democratic-g www.greeneuropeanjournal…1…27%3ADerek%20Wall


March 31st- Attended a plenary session where there was a discussion of how greens around the world can keep the global temperature from rising to just 1.5 degrees centigrade. There were inspiring speeches from Leonardo Alvarez from Mexico, Carole Dieschbourg from Luxembourg, Papa Meissa Dieng from Senegal and Yeb Sano from the Philippines about how they are campaigning against climate change in their own countries. Then attended a meeting about the relevance of the United Nations and emphasised as a United Nations member how we can help poorer countries with technology. From 2.30-4pm attended a debate and plenary about the global Agricultural transformation needed to cope with rising population and the threat of climate change to food production. There were talks from Stina Bergstrom from Sweden greens, Benedikt Haerlin from the Foundation on future farming in Germany, Tim Lang from the U.K. Centre for Food policy and Sanya Smith from the Third World Network based in Switzerland. At lunch time the Eco Messengers did some busking at the entrance to the conference to raise money for the global greens by playing “Merseybeat” songs. Jonathon Porrit kindly gave us £5!! From 4.30 to 6pm I went to a plenary about what a Green Trade Policy would look like. There were talks by Reinhard Butikofer from the Germany Green Party, Richard Di Natale from the Australian Green Party, Tanoh Gyekye from Third World Network Ghana, Uiko Hasegawa from the Japanese Green Party, Caroline Lucas from the English Green Party, and Elisabeth May from the Green Party of Canada. Then went to a session on the politics of Global Health with speakers Fadimata Bintou Toure of Parti Ecologiste du Mali, Richard Di Natale from the Australian Greens, Susanne Nordling from Miljopartiet de grona Sweden, Thidar Pyrone from the centre for Newborn Health in U.K. and Margot Soria from Partido Verde Ecologista Bolivia. I made some comments from the floor about the need for the United Nations via rich nations should help poorer countries with health issues.…/15646-leonardo-alvarez-romo…/…dieschbourg…/index.html…/…/carole-dieschbourg-au-conseil-des-ministres.…/dr-papa-meissa-dieng-sg-de-la-federation_n.–23898.htm…/Philippine-climate-campaigner-launches-global-pilgrimage.ht…/stina-bergstrom-forelaste-om-miljopartiet-i-regeringömütikoferütikofer…/greens…di-natale…australian…/e77b70b8487104bb7ce3…/australian_greens_ready_to_challenge_old_advocates_over_…73715…/472325689487280/…/joint-statement-trans-pacific-partnership-agreement-gree…/400260880021467ō…/green-trade-policy-in-a-globalised-world/?pdf..…/caroline-lucas/…/caroline-lucas-seeks-meeting-jerem..…/20130824-diallo-fadimata-bintou-toure-presidente-p..…/…/Margot-Soria…Bolivia-ecologist.


March 30th- 2nd April – Attended Global Greens and European Greens Congress- The first time held in this country and only occurring every 5 years!


March 30th- Attend the opening ceremony of the conference where green representatives from 103 countries attended.


March 24th- Performed as Kristoff the clown for 5 hours in Leamington to raise money for Comic Relief. Made £84 unfortunately less than half of what I made before .reported in the local press.…/clown-forced-into-retirement-after-creepy-clown-.


March 18th- Attended Warwick District United Nations Association Meeting to hear a talk by Dr. Hong Bo on the rise of China as an economic power.




October 26th- Start to record new CD with the Eco Messengers “Green Songs for the Earth.” The intention of the new band is decided to go to environmental protests, play for the troops, then give a talk on Green Spirituality, followed by a Clown show for the kids. It is hoped the CD would be sold and funds given to support the people organising the protest. Excited at the prospect as the band had already written a great anti-fracking song called “Fack Off!!”


September 25th- At the 50th Anniversary of Resurgence hear talks from James Sainsbury, Paula Byrne, Bill Mc Gibben and Satish Kumar. Met both Bill and Satish and they give me terrific endorsements for the new book. Satish Kumar gave a very inspiring talk referring allot to his childhood in India. Bill Mc Gibben was only in the country 12 hours but emphasised climate change should be a priority and we should not totally endorse the economic system which causes it. Briefly met George Montbiot and heard a talk by Scilla Elworthy.…/the-planet-cant-stand-this-presidency.html…/resilience-thinking-an-article-for-the-latest-r…/


September 24th-

Heard and met Charles Eisenstein. Heard a talk by Stephan Harding from Schumacher College and Helena Nordberg-Hodge. In the afternoon went to a consciousness raising event called UPLIFT and heard talks by Bruce Lipton, Cathy Burke, Prince EA, Sadhvi Bhagawati and Bharat Mitra. Talked briefly to Bruce Lipton and Sadhvi Bhagawati and Bharat Mitra.…/sadhvi-bhagawati-saraswatiji-the-meaning-of-life-an…1…27%3ASadhvi%20Bhagawati%20Saraswati /


September 23rd

Attend the 50th Anniversary of Resurgence Magazine to listen to lectures and try and get endorsements for the new book. Both George Marshall and Jonathon Porrit gave brilliant talks and said that they already had a copy of the book. George said that he could endorse it once he saw the finished product whereas Jonathon said that he was happy to endorse if he saw a few chapters. Vandana Shiva took my synopsis but gave no indication if she would endorse the new book as she did the previous one. Very disappointed with Rowan Williams, he had to leave early so could not give him my book and ask for an endorsement of the new book, and when I sent him my book with a covering letter he did not have the courtesy to reply at all! Also heard a very good talk by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall about how food changes ecology.…/what-makes-climate-communicator-george-marsh…/163286102X…/george-marshall-on-communicating-climate-change-following…/leading-environmentalist-sir-jonathan-porritt-hits-out-at-c


September 7th- Form a new eco band called the “Eco Messengers” with Luke lead guitar, Charlie on bass, and me on rhythm and percussion to perform Eco Songs I have written.


August – Start to research and Write Follow up book to Green Spirituality entitled “Green Spirituality Activism and Climate Change: A Last Chance to Change our Values?”


August- Start to write up my Green Spirituality Activism Diary for website 1989 to the present day to show readers where I am coming from in terms of my experience and knowledge.


July- Open up the second nature reserve I had created in my lifetime at the school where I was working so that students can experience and understand nature more clearly and thereby develop respect for it. Reported in both local newspapers. /


June 18th- Performing as Kristoff the clown at Leamington Peace Festival. /


May- I decided that the new line up for the Eco Worriers was not working with members not all getting on and 5 people being difficult to organise.


March 16th- Elections for Eco Club, Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary elected.


January 30th- Attend the Friends of the Earth “Climate Rising” follow up Conference to express solidarity with all other activists who want to change the approach of the government towards facing up to the coming challenges of Climate change.



December- Get two articles in the Leamington Observer and Leamington Courier newspapers describing my time at the UN Paris Talks. /

December – Attended the Climate Change protests in Paris. Play one of my climate change songs on the march which is recorded. Attend a debate on climate change and put forward the view that there needs to be a change in the educational system to produce more flexible people showing initiative and be open to new ideas.

December- Compile views from the Forum and send results to David Cameron, local MP Chris White and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd. Clear views expressed are the need for more sustainability in food, energy and transport and a change on energy policy to favouring renewable energy.

November – Use first payment of my pension to fund a Community Forum on Climate Change in Leamington Spa to gather views ahead of the Climate Change Talks in Paris. Invite Business, Unions and major political parties. Debate can be seen on the youtube video and was reported in the press. /

November- Attended a United Nations Association Meeting “UN Climate Talks: Tough Issues on the table” by Professor Edward Page from the University of Warwick. Add my comments that there is a spiritual dimension to the whole problem. Am invited by some students from Aston University to give a talk on Green Spirituality and Climate Change.

October 7th – Attend Warwick District Sustainability Forum organised by the Quakers to hear speakers and make comments of the need to change our values to a more spiritual perspective…/warwick-quakers-celebrate-sustainability-1-702374

September- Join Protesters outside Leamington Town Hall to say this country welcomes Refugees when so many are killed crossing the Mediterranean. important to show the aspect of Compassion. Press covered this. /

September- Attend a the “Time to Act Conference” in Sheffield for climate change activists, Put over the Green Spirituality viewpoint whenever I can and commit to the conference that I will organise a community forum on climate change in Leamington Spa.

August- See the Eden Project in Cornwall for the first time and become even more inspired by nature and see a living example of someone manifesting an idea for the benefit of all.

July – Have a Chapter on Green Spirituality published in “Pathways of Green Wisdom- Discovering Earth Centred Teachings in Spiritual and Religious Traditions” Published by Green spirit.

ISBN 978-0-9552157-9-7

May- General and Local Elections. Stand as Green Party councillor for where I live. Get Letter published in the paper and highlight a need for a value change stating “I think that fundamentally this election is about whether or not we are prepared to change our value system from that based on self seeking individualism to one where we work together for a better future for everyone by adopting deeper green values.” /

May 28th- After rehearsing for months the new 5 piece Eco Worriers record a new CD.

May- Eco Club creates a herb garden for use by the Food Department.

April 13th- Wildlife Pond created at Southam College by the Eco Club.



November 19th – Have first elections for post holders of the Eco Club, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer- Have first elections for post holders of the Eco Club, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

October- Eco Club present a plan to develop a Nature Reserve and a Wildlife pond.

October- Southam College Eco Club embark on planting 1500 more bulbs around the school grounds. /

September 13th- – Give talk at the Festival of Life in London on “Green Spirituality and the Environmental Crisis.”

June- Start to run the “Nature Detectives” Workshops in the local Foundry Wood helping children to discover the wonders of nature. This turned out to not be successful as people either turned up on the day or did not. They did not turn up and decided to put my energy into something else. Some ideas do not work. v

June 21st – Attend the Emergency General Meeting of Transition Town Leamington to try and rescue it from folding. I make the decision that sadly there is no point in putting more time and energy into the group, with the most able people having left and the group not being attractive to newcomers because of ongoing disputes between people. The person who carried the group forward was not a person I could work with.

May- Article on my conservation work in schools entitled “Acting Locally” published by Green Spirit Magazine.…/139002564121599

February- Have first elections for post holders of the Eco Club, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

February 12th – Attended Transition Town Leamington Emergency General Meeting to try and revitalize the group. Although there were discussions of the way forward, it was soon quite clear that there were two factions opposing each other.…/139002564121599

February- Make a professional video for the Green Spirituality website. See

February – embarking on planting 2000 bulbs around the school grounds at Southam College.

January- Attended the local Green party AGM.

https://leamington.greenparty.og . / /


November 10th- Meant to be a Transition Town meeting but it was cancelled at the last minute. This is a sign that the organisation is struggling to survive.

October- Started an Eco Club at Southam College with the aim of creating a nature reserve, improving the school environment for wildlife and getting kids to grow vegetables and fruit.

September 18th – Attended Leamington Transition Town AGM. Still trying to help the group go forward. . There are still two factions one accusing the other of corruption and misuse of funds and there seemed no resolution in sight. Not really enough people to elect the principal officers.…/139002564121599

September- Stood as Green Party candidate for election as a Leamington Town Councillor.

September14th – Gave a talk at the Festival of Life in London on “Green Spirituality and the Environmental Crisis.” Had a full room and good response.

August 27th- Perform as Kristoff the clown to help celebrate the opening of a park in Southam.

August- Attended the 80th Birthday party of John-Francis Phipps the co-founder of the Green Spirituality Group and co-editor of the Green Spirituality Magazine.

June 18th- Campion School gets the Green Flag Award for the second time.

June 22nd- After advising on the building of the wildlife pond at Foundary Wood supervise a pond dipping day for the community.

June 28th – Give talk on Green spirituality in the Green Futures Forum at the Glastonbury Festival.

April -Visit the Centre of Alternative Technology and impressed with the variety of sustainable practices which would be found in a society run on Green Spirituality principles

March 14th- Transition Town Leamington social but still tensions remain.

March 15th- Raise money for Comic Relief by performing as Kristoff the juke box clown on the parade in Leamington.£2-million-red-nose-day-2013

January 23rd – Attend the Green Party AGM

January -Get two good write ups in local press about my North America Trip. The Leamington Courier paper had the headline “Environmentalist feels inspired after North America trip”, and the Leamington Observer had the headline “A Green Message to North America.” /

January- Completed planning an Environmental Science course for years 7 and 8 at Campion School based on the “Paintings Plantation “Nature reserve I created in 2004. Deliver the course from January to July in the hope of inspiring students about the wonders of nature and the need to protect it.



December 12th – Arrive back from North American tour.

November 12th – Arrive in Wilmington in North Carolina ready to take the return trip on a container ship to Zebrugge in Holland.

November 25th- Visited the Mar Vista Farmers Market in Santa Monica and help look after Mar Vista Transition Town stall. Talked to people passing about my book. Played my new guitar and sang a song to the public about Transition Town Mar Vista.

November 25th- Visited and shown round the Holy Nativity Episcopal Church by Rev. Peter Rood. He was a founder member of Transition Town Los Angeles and a trained permaculturalist and Yoga Teacher. He shows me the grounds of the church which were growing food for the homeless. He had done allot of inter-faith work with the Muslim community. There is a yoga centre at the church!

November 24th –Gave talk on Green Spirituality and Transition Towns to members of the Mar Vista Transition Town group and members of the Los Angeles Sivananada ashram.…/make-sure-your-projects-get-a-mention-in-in-tran..

November 22nd- attended a Thanksgiving Day lunch at a local vegetable garden shared by Venice High School students and met members of Transition Town Mar Vista. Talked to David, a master Gardener who showed me round the organic garden. Talked about my trip and my work in transition town in Leamington.

November 21st- arrive at the Sivananada ashram in Santa Monica in Los Angeles.

November 18th- Took the train from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

November 17th- Gave talk on Green Spirituality to members of the San Francisco Sivananda ashram.

November 15th- Gave a Talk on Green Spirituality and Transition Towns to yoga students at the Sivananda Yoga Farm at Grass Valley in northern California.

November 15th- Gave Talk on Green Spirituality and Transition towns to the Grass Valley Transition town members at a local Co-operative.

November 14th- Gave Talk to Permaculture students attending permaculture course held at the Yoga Farm.…/permaculture-magazine-north-america-launc.

November 13th- Gave talk on Green Spirituality at the Green Arcade Bookshop, Market Street, San Francisco.

November 11th- Travel to San Francisco by train.

November 8th- Meet local members in Vancouver involved in inter-faith work. Meet Rebecca from the U.N. Inter-faith group. Talk about the book.

November 8th- Gave a talk about Green Spirituality and Transition towns to members of Village Vancouver, the transition town organisation run by Ross with 5000 members and 200 events a year, at the University of British Colombia.

November 7th- Give brief talk on Green Spirituality to a member of Village Vancouver.

November 6th-travel to Vancouver.

November- Article entitled “Practical Utopia” published in the Common Ground Magazine based in Vancouver but having wide distribution. Describe the spiritual teachings of the different religions about money.

November 5th- Travel to meet someone from the Earth ministries based in Seattle. /

November 4th –Talk to members of the Buddhist Church congregation in Seattle about Green Spirituality and Climate Change. Very attentive audience of about 60 people

November 4th- Talk to members of the one of only two purely Inter-Faith Churches in the USA, Seattle Inter-faith Church, about Green Spirituality. They actually carried out different ceremonies from different religions. One of their ministers was an Imam. /

November 2nd- Met Rev. Don Castro, Minister of Seattle Buddhist Church following the Japanese Jodo Shinshu tradition. Showed me around the meditation hall and the shrines.

October 31st- Travel by Train to Seattle.

October 30th – Arrive at Shasta Abbey, a Soto Zen monastery founded by Rev. Jiu Kennet. Taken on a tour of the monastery and join in the evening service.…Jiyu-Kennett/…/093006616

October 29th – Travel by train to Shasta Abbey.

October 28th – Arrive in Sacramento.

October 27th – travel to by train Sacramento.

October 25th – Talk on Green Spirituality to Denver Inter-faith Group, there were about 18 in the group and the questions were good

October 24th – hear a speech from President Obama as part of this election tour. Impressed by his concern for the poorer elements of American society.…/obama-speaks-at-climate-summit-in-pa

October 23rd –attend an Ant-Fracking protest concert. Might have had a chance to speak to the crowds but this did not come off.…/la-pn-colorado-deal-fracking-ballot-20140804-story.html…to…/2012/…/…/anti-fracking-rally-draws-celebrities-to-civic-center-par…/jakob-dylan-the-wallflowers-denver-anti…/colorado-anti-fracking-groups-launch-campaign-for-statewi.

October 22nd –Travel to Denver by train.

October 21st – Talk on Green Spirituality at Chicago Unitarian Church. Inspired by the meeting Finley Campbell who talked of his work as a black trade unionist.…/…/ct-ptb-finley-campbell-speech-st-0304-20160303-story….

October 18th – Talk on Green Spirituality to students and staff at the Benedictine Catholic University at Naperville. 50 plus in the audience with very good questions. Interviewed for local media by Muslim student about my views on the appearance of racist graffitti in the Chicago area.

October 16th – Travel by train from Memphis to Chicago.

October 15th – Travel to see the Farm Eco Village at Summertown, near Nashville. Shown around by Douglas Stevenson, one of the founding members in 1971 who organises experience week-ends at the Farm. Now there are 200 members of the community but all the businesses such as the book sales and Geiger counter production are privately owned. But there is a community feel about the place with a massive tent in the central space for events. Disappointed that there was no food growing on any scale. But went round the Eco Village Training Centre and was impressed in the way they are trying to teach about sustainability. They also offer midwifery as a service to the local community and train midwives. They also run Plenty, an outreach organisation helping poorer countries with sustainability and education…hl=en / )…/douglas-stevenson-the-farm-community-spokesperson .– _ Plenty_Magazine.html

October 15th – Talk to small number of residents at the Farm on Green Spirituality. It seemed many were attuned to the spiritual philosophy behind the idea.

October 14th Travel to Memphis by greyhound bus.

October 12th – Attend the New Orleans Healing Centre to meet Rev. Malcolm Fugler who had promised me at least two talks. No students turned up at his class and the talks did not materialise so was disappointed. Should have made more effort to contact other people. Gave Green Spirituality talk to Rev. Malcolm’s class who were following a course called a “course in miracles.”

October 10th – Travel to New Orleans by Train. Am taken round the French quarter by my host and see there is allot of voodoo influence in the amount of voodoo shops.

October 9th – Green Spirituality talk to Sierra Club members in the Atlanta area. Good attendance of people and very good questions.

October 7th – travel to Atlanta on the overnight train.

October 6th – Guided tour of Twin Oaks Eco Village in Virginia. 30 years old with 100 members I was impressed by the community feel. Each group of people lived in small house communities but they all eat together. Totally socialist with sharing all resources and everyone doing a 44 hour week and getting the same pay. They had a hammock making and tofu businesses which earned money for the community. They grew most of their food organically and produced most of their own energy. This community actually worked and was inspiring.…hl=en,_Virginia…/Inside-grid-Virginia-commune-housing-pay-childcare-shared..…/0964044501…/welcome-to-the-commune-where-100-adults-raise-17-120..

October 6th- Visit the sister community called the Acorn Eco Village. This is just one house with about 25 residents and they focus on producing organic seeds as a means of income and try at the same time be as self sufficient in food as possible.,rai.php

October 5th –Travel from Washington D.C. to Twin Oaks Eco Village in Virginia.

October 3rd – Talk on Green Spirituality and Transition Towns at Washington D.C. Interfaith Centre to a range of interfaith professionals. Talk was too short but went down well at least I could give out the flyers about the book to distribute to their faith communities.…/47b8f57f55ec483a82da1ee3cb5fbdaa-washington-interfait…washington-interfaith…/gIQAxio5cO_blog.html…/washington-interfaith-staff-committee-energy-and-environment-wo..

October 1st – Television Interview with Fairfax Public Television channel to promote the Green Spirituality book. The Interview was short but managed to emphasise that Americans must return to the wisdom of their faith as a guidance of what to do in the environmental crisis. Made sure Climate change figured allot in the interview. The producer was pleased with the result.

September 30th- Gave a talk at the Providence Friends Meeting House in Media near Philadelphia.

September 23rd- Gave a green spirituality talk at Toronto Unitarian Church to the congregation after the Sunday service.…/1607243/

September 22nd- Gave a talk about Green Spirituality and Transition Towns at the Barrie Harvest Festival as a guest of Barrie Transition Town.…/…/…/foodsecurityworkshopreport2013final…/29_CIA002-090914….

September 21st – Gave a Green Spirituality talk at the Subud Centre in Ottawa arranged for me by inter-faith minister Robert Meagher.…hl=en…/

September 18th- Give a talk on Green Spirituality at Argo books in Montreal.

September 16th- Talk on Transition Towns and Green Spirituality at VerdunTransition town near Montreal. This was difficult because all my talk had to be translated from English into French,_Quebec

September 15th- Talk about Green Spirituality with reference to Paganism at Montreal Pagan Book shop called Magical Blend.

September 14th- Travel to Montreal from Boston.

September 12th- Travel from New York to Boston

September 10th- Gave a talk on Green Spirituality at the United Nations Church. All 10 books which I had brought to sell in America were sold| out of audience of 30! Met Ashley Young a film maker. She was involved with the Lakota tribe and the Feather project.

September 6th – Meet Rev. Jim Morton, head of Inter-faith for New York state. Absolutely amazed that he not only knew who I was but he had actually read my book! The guy editing his autobiography said I was a good writer and he had enjoyed reading the book as well! Left some flyers to promote the book.…/new-dean-at-st-john-the-divine-james-parks-morton.html

September 4th- Arrive in New York.

August 25th- September 4th- Travel on container ship from Liverpool to New York.

August- Article Published in the Courier newspaper “Chris takes his green ideas to the biggest polluters”. Describing the planned Eco Tour of North America.

July- Arrange for talk at Campion School, Leamington Spa, by Mark Wood polar explorer, who was the first person in history to walk to the geographic North and South Poles back to back on his own to highlight the destruction of the polar regions by global warming.

July- Apply for Green Flag Eco Schools award for Campion School which was successful for the second time. .

June- Attend Transition Town Leamington AGM. The atmosphere is still pretty toxic just praying there may be a change. There are now difficulties with our involvement in the sustainability centre. Action 21 who rent the premises not getting on with some Transition Town members.

May- Advert for book appears in Permaculture Magazine.

May- Advert for the book appears in Positive News.

May- Article on “Green Spirituality and the Green Movement” published in Indie Shaman magazine as well as advert for the book.

May- Transition Town Leamington Meeting. Not much progress made on projects. I am upset as had spent a long time planning and writing a film on Transition Town Leamington with a student from the local college but he went off with the footage and found I could not contact him. The footage included a local alternative energy company, Canalside Community Foods, the Re Use Warehouse of Action 21, the Environmental Centre in Jephson Gardens, Campion Nature Reserve and local people growing vegetables in their own garden. Really gutted and ashamed as I had asked a young presenter to take part and he and others in the project had completely wasted their time and effort.

April- Attended Warwick District Faiths Forum- tour of local Gurdwara and talk on Sikhism.

April- Guardian newspaper article on fracking describing the first anti –fracking protest which I attended. Article shows me as Kristoff the clown amongst a group of protestors at Hesketh Bank in Lancashire. “If you live here you’re fracked” 18.04.12

April- Advert for book appears in Permaculture Magazine.

April- Attend Transition Town meeting. Still little progress with the group as not enough members to carry out projects and thereby attract new members.

April- Attend the end of civilization film in Birmingham produced and directed by Franklin Lopez which promotes direct action against capitalism at any cost.

April- Environmental Centre opens in Jephson Gardens Leamington run by Action 21 and Transition Town Leamington. Am involved in planning displays on sustainability and arranging workshops at the centre. .

March- Attend a Citizen of the Year award at Leamington Town Hall, after being nominated for my environmental work a\t Campion School. Make a speech highlighting that involving students in nature conservation is vitally important for the future of the planet. /

February- Transition Town Leamington- To discuss setting up the East Lodge Environmental Information Centre in Jephson Gardens in Leamington. .…/139002564121599

Attend Warwick and Leamington Green party AGM. Discussion of how to get our first councillor in Leamington.

January- Transition Town Meeting- discussions of how to set up an Environment Information Centre in the local park. .…/139002564121599

January 7th – Visited the Tent City University at Occupy at St. Pauls Cathedral. Talked to Peter Colville one of the organisers. Very impressed at how a whole community had organised itself. Later address about 1000 people on the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral about Eco Villages being an alternative to the 99% owning and running everything.

January 7th Talk on Green Spirituality at the “Bank of Ideas” run by members of OCCUPY, they had inhabited the old UBS Bank headquarters.


December 17th – went to give a talk about Green Spirituality at Bank of Ideas at Occupy UBS in London. Although talk not on the programme because I had been misinformed, still gave a talk about Green Spirituality to a small audience and sold 2 books! Looked around OCCUPY at St. Pauls and talked to Peter Colville.

December 17th- AGM Transition Town Leamington Meeting. Tensions starting to increase in the group but tried to calm things down. There are allegations of corruption in the use of funds and clash of personalities. A new chair is elected to try and calm things down. .…/139002564121599

Attended Warwick District Faith Forum AGM discussing other things the inter-faiths week.

December 3rd – attend the Stand up for Climate Justice march organised by campaign against climate change.

December- Talk on Green Spirituality at University of London’s Birkbeck Library Building

November- Play Eco Worriers songs at the “Strikers Solidarity Gig” at Bath Place in support of strikes by local authority workers. On same bill as Luke Concannon who wrote a No.1 Hit with Nizlopi, the JCB song.

Novermber – Join in discussion and give a talk on Green Spirituality at Coventry Multi-Faith Forum.

November- Transition Town Leamington Meeting- Discussed my role as the person in charge of education. Still palpable tensions between people and no new members coming forward there is a suspicion that people are not joining because they do not like the way it is run. .…/139002564121599

November – Gave talk on Eco Villages and Green Spirituality at the Tent City University. The talk was well attended and made a video out of it. https://

November- Talk on Green Spirituality to Coventry transition town was well received and lots of penetrating questions by a young audience.

October- Transition Town Meeting- feedback to the group about my education work and there was discussion to set up an Awareness Raising Group. .. .…/139002564121599

October- Watch the film “Just Do It” about direct action and am really inspired. Asked the executive producer why the film did not highlight consensus decision making and she said they could not film people for fear of them being arrested.

October- Went to a Green Drinks meeting socialising with other green activists.

September 24th – Talk on Green Spirituality in London at the Festival of Life. Good audience and well received.

September- Transition Town Leamington meeting talking about how to develop traditional skills needed in a post high energy input society. Talked to Derrick about his work on his 14 acres of land given to him by a local farmer. He planned to use the wood to harvest sustainable firewood and develop the land to grow fruit and vegetables and maybe in the future have it as a training centre for sustainability. .…/139002564121599

September 16th-18th September attend the first anti-fracking protest in the U.K. organised by the campaign against climate change and called “Camp Frack” We campled out in Hesketh bank in Lancashire next to one of the first exploratory rigs to find shale gas. Joined locals in a protest march dressed as Kristoff the clown to emphasise peaceful protest. You can see me in the video singing the song I co wrote “Dirty Fracking, there’s no need, Fossil fools and corporate greed, local people are saying NO!! Hey Caudrilla you must go!”(Caudrilla were the drilling company)

September 9th Attended conference in Coventry “Making 2020 Zero Waste Work “allot of networking with people concerned about /

September- Philip Sainty , editor of Green World Magazine, published a special edition entitled “Is God Green” to explore Faith and Non-Faith perspectives on protecting the environment.(GW 74). He had asked me to write an introductory article for the magazine and invite writers to contribute articles from the Church of England, ,(Rachel Harden), Catholic (John Vivian), Hindu (Dermot Killingley), Muslim (Fazlun Khalid) , Quaker (Rupert Read), Pagan(Emma Restall Orr),Buddhist (Chris Philpott) and Humanist (Andrew Copson) perspectives. I wrote a piece about Buddhist teachings on the environment.…/new-media-team-for-archbishops’-council.aspx…/…Dermot-Killingley/dp/0950791865…Dermot-Killingley/s?…27%3ADermot%20Killingley…Fazlun-Khalid/0304323772…newsfeed..…/in_the_corbyn_era_greens_must_move_from_socialism_to_…/green-economics-versus-growth-economics…/interview-with-emma-restall-orr-2005-b…/1452082901…/…/dp/0993598331||…?v.||…/95-andrew-copson-what-is-humanism…/

September 2nd-4th Attended Small Is Festival run by Practical Action. Networking and learning how small scale technology and engineering can be used to help the developing world become more sustainable.

August 3rd – Talk on Green Spirituality at Coventry Multi Faith Forum event “Building an understanding-a dialogue with Faith Organisations”. Lots of discussion and well received particularly by Coventry councillors.

July 10th- Eco Worriers gig at “Playing for the Planet- a Creative Response to Climate Change” organised by OXFAM and Birmingham Council of Faiths held at the Midlands Arts Centre. Me and Tom Hellberg played all our climate change songs and other songs about the environment and went down very well. Managed to sell a few of my books and do some networking with other groups.…/FW-Playing-with-the-Planet.htm

July 2nd- Official Book launch for Green Spirituality at local bookshop Garrett Books– gave a short speech about the book and played my Eco Worrier song “Beautiful Earth” which expressed the sentiment of the book. The Bishop of Coventry sent the Rev. Clive Hogger to represent him after sending him a copy of the book and him endorsing it. Paddy Vickers from the Bahai faith came as well as Anne Patterson from the Pagans. Muslims and Spiritualists were also represented. Gian Clare from the local United Nations Association came and I thanked the United Nations in my speech for without them I would have had no figures to back up my arguements in the book. In all about 40 attended and the launch was reported in the local press. /…/ahmadiyya-muslims-in-leamington-quot-happy-quo.–_UK…/interreligious-dialogue/

June 24th- Talk on Green Spirituality at the Glastonbury Festival Green Futures Speakers Forum. Afterwards set up a stall to sell the book.

Sept 17th-19th set up book stall at Leamington Peace Festival to sell my book. Have lots of chats with people about Green Spirituality. Also inspired by seeing a performance of Seize the Day

May- Went to the multi-faith Centre at Coventry Cathedral to donate my book to the library

May- Helped support local candidates in the Warwick District Council elections. /

May- A favourable review of the book written by Harfiyah Haleem appears in the Eco Islam magazine.

May 25th- Have official opening by the local MP, Chris White , of an” Eco Information Room” at Campion School funded by a grant by Leamington Town Council The room was created as a meeting room for the Eco Club but also contained lots of books and information about environmental problems and practical green measures to address them. The Room was available for the whole school to use. Reported in local press.

May- Had a favourable book review in Inspired Times Magazine. .

April- Attended the United Nations Association where the local candidates in the election were answering questions. Made sure I asked questions about building a local alternative energy network not dependent on the grid. Sold some of my books to members.

April- Put a notice that I had published my book in the Leamington and Warwick Green Party Newsletter.

April- Meet Tony McNally Director of local company Climate Change Solutions. He had seen my book in the paper and wanted to work with me to promote some of the technological solutions to climate change such as energy efficiency.

April 16th Attended local branch of the UNA meeting was called “Question Time” where there was a five member panel of experts on International development, Human rights, Peace and security, alternative and nuclear energies. Asked about the approach to local off grids energy production. Sold a few of my books to members. .

April 18th- Attended local UNA meeting to discuss the idea of the “Greenest Government Ever” and the new Energy Bill. There were speeches by local MP Chris White, Encraft and Friends of the Earth. Pressed home the need for off grid energy and to move away from the National Grid type of approach.

April- a newsletter going out to local primary schools advertises the “Painting’s plantation nature reserve a Campion School as an environmental resource for use by local schools.

March- met a consultant in London who offered me advice of how to get my book in the media. She advised me for free and said that to get in the Guardian newspaper could cost £20,000 way beyond my budget.

March- favourable book review of Green Spirituality book by Antony Haase in Green World Magazine (GW72).

March- Favourable book review of book by Sky Mc Cain appears in Green Spirit Magazine. /

February 25th-27th Attend the Green Party National Spring Conference in Cardiff. Attend the Faiths Forum on 26th February and give a little talk about my book on Green Spirituality and sell a few books. Have a discussion about how to bring more influence on policy by different faiths in the party. Reminded me of the early days of Green Spirituality magazine . /…/buncher-social-action-conference-2011..

February 5th Article appeared in the Leamington Courier with the title “How Spiritual Ideas could save the planet” informing the readers that local “environmental activist” has published a book on Green Spirituality.

February – Article appeared in the Leamington Observer highlighting the publication of the book entitled “Book your place for a greener future.”

February 5th- First book launch at Leytonstone Transition Town fair. Gave a talk and sold a few books. Lots of discussion about the meaning of Green Spirituality.

February 1st- After 13 years of effort and commitment to the project Green Spirituality- One Answer to Global Environmental Problems and World Poverty is published.

January- Eco Worriers performed our songs for Transition Town Leamington and Capitalism is Killing the Earth went down well as well as Too many cars.

January- Green Party Annual General Meeting heard about the life of a Green Councillor from Elise Benjamin of Oxford Green Party and elected new officers. .


December 4th- Perform for free as Kristoff the clown for the One Planet Action event to support local environmental initiatives.…/BioRegional-NW-Bicester-One-Planet-Action-Plan-2013-hig

November 25th – Attended the Action 21 Annual General Meeting. discussion of local sustainability projects. I also did a gig for them for free for the children as kristoff the clown

November- Meeting with Chris White the local MP to discuss what the government is doing about Climate Change as part of the Climate Chaos campaign made up from 100 groups around the country. I represented Leamington Transition Town and Friends of the Earth but Steve Hucklesby represented Operation Noah as part of the Methodist church. . We were pressing for new power stations to meet better limits of carbon emissions and have greater investment and support for Green Energy. The meeting was reported in the local press.

November- A book Review in local alternative magazine Mosaic and a brief article about my proposed Eco Tour taking the book on the road around the world.

November- Manage to get a grant from Leamington Town Council of £1000 to order the Eco Information books for the Eco Room at Campion School.

November- see my friend Ruth Wallgrave to get advice on the final layout and content of the book.

October 30th- Do a magic show for free at a Canalside Community Foods social.…/canalside-community-food/

October- Meeting with Hugh Fraser, the editor of the book in London to discuss final bits and pieces.

October 21st – Transition Town Annual General Meeting .Report back from the previous years activities. Concern that there were not enough members and the emergence of personality clashes in the group .Had a talk from Transition Stratford who were promoting local food sin local farmers markets. Derrick had been given some land by a local farmer so that he managed the woodland and had plans for an orchard and garden.

October- The Eco Worriers support an anti-racism fund raiser in Carlisle called Rocktober. We covered material from our CD “Capitalism is killing the Earth.”

October- Complete the building of “Paintings Pond” a wildlife pond for the nature reserve at Campion School

October- held the last Campion School Gardening Club session, something I helped to create and keep going to encourage kids to grow their own food. Now moving to creating an Eco Club focussing on Nature Conservation.

October- Annual General Meeting of the newly formed Campion School Eco Club. We elected officers for the committee, chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer so that kids could learn how voluntary organisations outside school work. Discussed how we could go forward with the new wildlife pond.

October- attend an Eco Schools Meeting for schools in Warwickshire. I told the people about our success in creating a new woodland

October- Colleagues in the Eco Club are successful in getting a grant for £6,500 to build an outside classroom in the pond area of the nature reserve at Campion School.

September 11th and 12th – Transition Town Leamington have a stall at the Leamington Food and Drink Festival. Manage to talk to people about the idea of Transition Towns and get some interest. .. .…/139002564121599

September 11th- Leamington’s Sustainability Centre opens in Jephson Gardens in Leamington. The centre was a chance for Transition Town Leamington to put up displays and for Action 21 to have a base as well. There was also a workshop room available.…/sustainable-living-advice-in-the-heart-of-leamington.

September 9th-10th Attended the Green Party National Conference Birmingham. Had thought about trying to get a fringe talk on Green Spirituality but it seemed that the party had become more successful politically and other topics were preferred. I met Phil Sainty, editor of the Green World Magazine. , Who said that he would be interested in carrying a review of the Green Spirituality book and also asked if I would co-ordinate a whole issue of the magazine focussed on the spiritual perspective, I agreed and was delighted to be asked. Also met John Vivian who was chairing and organising the first Green Faiths Forum, trying to get spiritual groups in the Green Party to get their ideas put into practice through party policy. Represented the Eco Worriers in a solo capacity at the Review and sang two of my songs “Peak Oil” and “Last Chance Saloon for Global Warming” (lyrics on the Eco Worriers section of this website).

September- Gig by the Eco Worriers at the Tin Angel pub in Coventry.

July- a local primary school arranged to use the Campion School Nature reserve. was delighted that younger children could get the educational benefit of the reserve.

July- Campion School attained Green Flag status with the judge saying that we were the most sustainable secondary school in Warwickshire. This was only possible because the hard work and commitment of students, It was reported in local newspaper.

July- Eco Club hosted an Environment day for local primary school children. We were based in the nature reserve.

June 24th- Attended the Society of Authors and Writers summer party. Told some authors about my book and did some networking.

May 23rd – Eco Worriers play a gig for the local park the Dell .This was reported in the local press.

Our song “Too Many Cars” went down very well (you can see the lyrics to this in the Eco Worriers section of the website).,_Leamington_Spa

May 18th- – Transition Town Meeting-Unfortunate meeting where people started to leave the group or people would not come back because there were certain individuals that were there that they did not like. Two people at each others throats with one accusing the other of misusing transition town funds. very unpleasant exchanges. People forgetting the whole point of the group in making Leamington more sustainable through the period of peak oil and accelerating climate change. .. .…/139002564121599

May 13th- Campion School achieve the silver award from the Eco Schools network.

April- Eco Worriers play at Dave Bennet’s funeral, a famous Coventry musician. Played “Capitalism is Killing the Earth”, Beautiful Earth”, and “Too many cars” (lyrics on the Eco Worriers section of the website)

April 11th – Host a LETS trading day .Had been secretary for social events in the past. Good networking with local people. /

March- Attend a Palestinian fund raising event in Coventry and heard firsthand about how they are struggling to survive.

March 27th- Attend talk at Warwick District United Nations Association by local Tory MP Chris White on Conservatives approach to Foreign policy and U.N.

March 20th- Talk to members of the Central Region United Nations Association on Green Spirituality and Climate Change in Birmingham. Share the platform with Dr.Chris Crean from Friends of the Earth. Talk well received

March 17th- The scattering of the ashes of Norman Painting at Campion School. His ashes were placed under some planted trees in the Nature Reserve. Met VIPS from the BBC and was pleased to talk to them about the importance of wildlife conservation with young people.

March 7th- Attended Drop the Debt Conference in Birmingham organised by the Jubilee Debt Campaign. Discussion with representatives from different faiths about how we could get the government to drop the debt owed to us by poorer countries. Networking and met Richard from the Birmingham Faiths Forum and he was interested in me giving a talk on green spirituality and climate change. /

February 27th – Attend a Human rights conference organised by the Warwick District Faiths Forum. Discuss issues of child poverty, slavery and debt bondage and try to network with others interested in Green Spirituality.

February 16th Meeting of the Transition Town Leamington Steering Group. Very fruitful meeting discussing both the Eco Information Room at Campion to take a display of Transition Town Leamington and the proposed opening of East Lodge Sustainability Centre in the local park. .. .…/139002564121599

March 26th- Benefit gig for Transition Town Leamington at the Newbold Comyn Arms. The Eco Worriers played some good songs including Peak Oil, the lyrics you can see on the other part of this website. Talked about the urgency of acting on Climate Change as we played 10 years, our song about climate change.

January 28th- Give talk on Green Spirituality and Climate Change to the Warwick District United Nations Association. Described my attendance at the alternative Copenhagen conference at Klimaforum for those concerned about climate change in civil society. Explain why I see the talks failed .

January 27th- Attend the Leamington and Warwick Green Party Annual General Meeting. Talking about how to win more seats in Leamington. There were talks given by candidates in the forthcoming general election

January 23rd- Attend a UNICEF and UN Association Fund raising coffee morning. Good for networking. .

January- Article published in the Leamington Courier about my experiences at the Copenhagen U.N. Climate Change Conference entitled “Chris on Copenhagen Green March”


December 25th- Get letter published in the Leamington Courier entitled “Mankind may be entering the final millennium”. Outlined to the public why and how I went to Copenhagen on behalf of Campaign Against Climate Change and the tragedy of the failure of the talks and its consequences.

December 24th- Get newspaper article published in the Leamington Observer entitled “Town Teacher has Copenhagen Role” about my experiences at the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.

December 14th – Get back from the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change .Felt very disappointed that there was no real agreement.

December 13th- Went round the Kilmaforum conference to workshop venues to leave flyers about my up and coming book. Also left some in the press room. There was so much material thought it would be unlikely that there would be much interest but thought it right to try. /

December 13th – Met Vandana Shiva a few minutes before she gave a talk and thanked her for writing the forward to the book. I think she remembered me and smiled as she was about to talk to an audience of 700 people. He talk about gaining control of growing food from the corporations was inspiring.…/copenhagen-climate…/

December 13th – Had to get on to train at 3.20pm and we were going to be on it 18 hours on the way back arriving in London at On the journey played some covers and some Eco Worriers songs on the guitar to entertain the troops. Went down the gangways with two other musicians Tony and Ollie, it was allot of fun!! /…6386

December 12th- After not much sleep I quickly got some more of my leaflets about the book onto seats. Went to hear part of a talk by the Global Peace Initiative of women entitled “Working with the forces of nature to heal the Planet”. Words from the talk resonated with me “The environmental crisis is a moral and spiritual crisis, a crisis of consciousness .Unless we make a change in consciousness we will not be able to reverse the damage done. Then joined the 100,000 others to march to the conference centre and demand they do something about climate change. Played my Eco worriers song “Last Chance Saloon for Global Warming” you can see the lyrics on another page of this site. In the evening met George Marshall who congratulated me on publishing the book. Also had a brief chat with George Monbiot. .

11th Dec- Get to the St. Pancras Station at 6.15am ready for the 18 hour train journey to Copenhagen on a train specially hired to carry green activists to the Climate Change conference. Immediately make friends with Jay and Julia from Oxford. Jay was a Doctor in Music composition and we composed a song on the train together called the Climate Express. On the train I sang some Eco Worriers songs on climate change “Last Chance Saloon” and “10 years” and at one point was filmed by French T.V. Finally got in at 2.30am in the morning and to bed at 2.50am. December 5th – Joined thousands of others on a Climate March organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change to press the government to get the best result from Copenhagen negotiations. Sang Capitalism Last Chance saloon with me and Tom. Heard some great speeches by Michael Meacher M.P. and Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green party.

December 2nd – Did a free clowning gig for Action 21.

December 1st- Went to Canalside Community foods Annual General Meeting. Good discussion on how we might preserve and process food from the farm.

November 6th- Obituary about Norman Painting and Painting’s Plantation appeared in the Courier newspaper…/obit?_…JAMES%20Normanvb

October 24th- Do Clowning as Kristoff the clown for the West Midlands Vegan Festival to support their cause.

October 20th Transition Town Leamington Steering group meeting.

October 8th – Form the Education group in Transition town Leamington. Told the group that I had the ambition to create a power point to take out on the road to explain was Transition Towns were all about and Derrick said he would help me. Felt excited that people through Transition Towns will have the opportunity to understand peak oil and climate change. People seemed very interested. .…/139002564121599

October 3rd- Attend Resilience and Climate Change Conference in London run by Resurgence magazine. Met Satish Kumar and asked him to support me in a review of the book in Resurgence magazine. He said he would try but heard nothing. Very good talk by John Sauven from Greenpeace made it clear that the economic system was not fit for purpose when it came to protecting the environment Caroline Lucas backed him up. George Marshall said that we should talk to people about climate change using the right language. Satish Kumar emphasised the need for a change of consciousness. Asked about the need for a change of consciousness and spirituality and all agreed especially Oliver Tickell…/resilience-thinking-an-article-for-the-latest-r

October 2nd- Organise a “Voice of Climate Protest “outside the town hall on behalf of Avaaz members worldwide who want to flag up the United Nations Conference on Climate change in Copenhagen in December. This is reported in the press and they quote me saying “People have to wake up to climate change and realise that Copenhagen is happening. We have to show our leaders that we want to avoid a global catastrophe.

October 9th- Got a grant from Leamington Town Council to buy £1000 worth of books to create and Eco Information room for Campion School.

September 18th- Had editorial meeting with Hugh Fraser, my editor for the book.

September 14th- AGM of Campion School Gardening and Conservation Club. Elected chair, vice chair and secretary.

September 8th- Attended a meeting of Warwick District Faiths Forum.

September 5th-6th – Attended the first “Small Is… Festival” run by Practical Action. Learned allot about the use of small scale technology, particularly energy production in developing countries. Saw the film “Edge of the Forest” with Fritz Schumacher. very inspiring. Did some networking.

August 6th- Got a letter from James Plaskitt MP about how the government was trying to eradicate global poverty.

September 4th- Eco Worriers organise and play at a concert in Jephson Gardens to support the Zero Carbon Caravan on its way to Copenhagen Climate Conference. Chris Keene had arrived in town on his way to Copenhagen and this was a way of celebrating his achievement and fund raising to help him on his way. The Eco Worriers played 10 Years, Last Change Saloon for Global Warming and other songs the lyrics of which can be seen on this website…/zero-carbon-caravan-sail-and-bike-copenhagen

July 16th- Attended Action 21 Annual General Meeting. Saw their new premises of a warehouse which was to be used for bikes and a bike workshop as well as the Reuse Centre. Talked to Jonathon of Greengeeks who recycled computers. /

July 5th- Join a Transition Town Leamington Picnic in Jephson Gardens to discuss ethical banking and money-free living. .…/139002564121599

July 3rd- Organise and facilitate an Environment Activity Day for Able and Disabled People at Campion School using the Nature Reserve as a base. Reported in local press

June 28th- Eco Worriers play at the Party in the Dell to support a local community event. Lyrics of Eco Worriers Songs on this site.

June – Transition Town Meeting. Looking at the ning website and membership 115 members so far for Transition Town Leamington. .…/139002564121599

June 19th- having raised £4000 for a Disabled pathway through BBC Breathing Spaces, into the Nature Reserve it is opened by Nigel Murray a gold medallist in the Para Olympics in 2000 and 2008. Reported in the local Press.

June 3rd- Attend Warwick District Faiths Forum. Agree on founding statement “To enrich society and promote equality and diversity through mutual understanding, co-operation between faith groups and engagement with the wider community.” Hear talk on Islam and Peace by Imam Mujeeb Rashid from the London Mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association.

May 16th – supported the Veggie pride march through Birmingham as Kristoff the clown.

May 13th- Watched the film the “Age of Stupid” and joined in the discussion afterwards.

May 3rd- May 3rd- Clowning as Kristoff the clown at the Canalside festival.…/lazy-sunday-afternoon-at-leamington-canal-festival-…

April 22nd- Leamington Transition Town meeting- not much happened.

April 22nd- Went to the London School of Economic s and listened to a talk by Sir Nicholas Stern, professor of Economics and Government. . Told him about my book and he said “Good Luck with your book Chris.”…/science-extra-nicholas-sterns-blueprint-for-a-safer-planet-lecture-at-thehttps://www.theguardian.com,_Baron_Stern_of_Brentford

April 24th- Got a grant of £1600 towards the nature reserve that I had applied for.

March- Went to Transition Town Leamington Meeting where there was a discussion of the logo. They planned some showings of films to promote the new group to the town. . .. .…/139002564121599

March 13th- Performed as the “Juke Box Clown” on the parade in Leamington to raise money for Red Nose Day Made £109 for Comic Relief. This was reported in the Leamington Observer .

March 26th Transition status for Leamington given.…/…/fruit-and-veg-project-for-all-to-enjoy-in-leamington..

March 27th –Went to see the film Age of Stupid.

February- Transition Town Leamington Meeting. Discussing the content of the website and what films to put on.

February 15th- Had an interview about Buddhism at CWR radio. Flagged up the up and coming book and was confident as had written a good chapter on Buddhism. › Coventry and Warwickshire › Local Radio › Radio Features

February – Had an article published in Mosaic Magazine Issue 5 Spring 2009 about my up and coming book.

January- Eco Club from Campion School visit Wolseley House, an example of an energy efficient house by a national building company.

January 16th- First Eco Club Meeting at Campion School founded by me.



December 17th- Transition Town Meeting in Town Hall. There was discussion of how to get the logo designed for the group. I offered to organise a benefit gig to raise funds. .. .…/139002564121599

December – Went to support a LETS social Pot Luck Christmas Supper. Found there were lots of potential Christmas Presents to buy for oaks (local currency). Had a chat with Rob Van Sche.

December 6th- attend Climate March in London organised by Campaign against Climate Change to demand a “green new deal” with more investment by the government in green energy.

November 28th – Eco Worriers play a Climate Change Benefit gig for Leamington and Warwick Friends of the Earth. We debut our new song “Last Chance Saloon for Global Warming”. We go down well and gig reported in the local press. › Local Groups

November 1st – Do Clowning as Kristoff the clown for free at the West Midlands Vegan Festival.

October 25th- Attend a celebratory lunch for the 40th Anniversary of the Warwick Branch of the United Nations Association. Had a chat with James Plaskitt MP about the established Nature Reserve at Campion School.…/una-warwick…district/una-uk-warwick-district–_UK

November 25th- Joined a small protest outside Barclays bank in Leamington Against their investments in Coal. Sang some Eco Songs.

September 13th- Put on at our house Post Kingsnorth Climate Camp Meeting and Social. Met the activists and we discussed the next moves. Eco Worriers performed well and there was allot of good green chat.

August 3rd- 8th Kingsnorth Climate Camp. Attend the camp to do entertainment for the kids as Kristoff the clown and his magic and music show. Also give 2 green spirituality talks. On the second one I met Hugh Fraser who became my editor for the book. Both talks go down well. I joined the march to occupy Kingsnorth coal fired power station dressed as Kristoff the clown to accompany a home made “smoking dragon” representing the power station. I was asked to write and perform a song about the dragon which was filmed by Channel 4 and I appeared soon afterwards on Channel 4 news. I was pleased that they used my song as a sound track throughout the report. The footage was used by Channel 4 in a later programme about Peaceful protest .I was also interviewed by CWR radio in Coventry.…climate+camp…kingsnorth…/2377467.html…/arrests%2Bat%2Benvironmental%2Bprotest%2Boutside%

August 2nd- Did a free clown gig for Canalside Community Food Social.

June 23rd- Interviewed about my Eco Club work at Campion School by Liz Kershaw on CWR radio in Coventry.

June 14th and 15th – Perform as Kristoff the clown at Leamington Peace Festival. Being paid in oaks from the Leamington LETS. `

June 7th- Attend and take part in the discussions at the conference in Birmingham called “The Climate Challenge: A call to Action” organised by United Nations Association of U.K. Participated in workshops led by representatives from local government and environmental organisations and made sure I put forward the spiritual viewpoints on climate change.…climate…/

May 18th- Performed with a band called “Fairshares” which was me with two students from Campion Luke and Siani performing Fair Trade and Eco Songs at the Dell in Leamington. Trying to promote fair-trade products.

May 14th- Join the Society of Authors

April 23rd – Norman Painting (Phil Archer in the Archers Radio Programme Radio 4) came and opened the wild life pond named after him at Campion School. I got the funding for the pond and the contractors to build it so there was an educational facility for the school, especially studying Science. This was reported in 3 local newspaper s and the National Magazine of the Tree Council.

April – Article on Recycling published in Eco Islam Magazine.

April 1st- Joined 50 others in a protest against the continuing use of fossil fuels. Had an another dimension of trying to stop the development of a massive unsightly and unwanted shopping arcade. Sang this little rhyme and played guitar Fossil Fool, Fossil Fool, We don’t have to follow your rule. Fossil Fool Fossil Fool we can use an alternative fuel. Fossil Fuel Fossil Fuel energy efficiency and wind power. Fossil Fuel Fossil Fuel, we can change we have the power.”…/from-barack-obamas-inauguration-to-fossil-fools-d

March 1st- Fairshares play gig at the town hall in Leamington to promote Fair trade week. Sing my specially written song “Fair Trade in this Town”. A Copy of the song is given to all the fair-trade outlets in Leamington mentioned in the song. Good write up in the papers.…/2008-2009.pdf…/cadbury-dairy-milk-commits-to-going-fairtrade . /

January 23rd – Attended the AGM of the Green Party. Discussed the strategy for getting councillors elected.

January 8th- Attended the Canalside Community Foods AGM. Allot of discussion about what to grow especially the “hungry gap” period when there are not many crops and we don’t import any.…/canalside-community-food/

January 3rd- Attend a Rising Tide Meeting. Allot of discussion about direct ACTION on climate change.


December 8th –Join National Climate March and Global Day of Action organised by Campaign against climate change in London. Me and Tom play our climate change song join the March. . Did an interview with Turkish television about issues of Climate Change. Met Guy Makerson from the Network of Engaged Buddhists. Great speeches by Michael Meacher, Caroline Lucas, George Montbiot and Zac Goldsmith. Although up to 20,000 on the march there was very little media coverage. newsletter-small2.pdf › Home › News › Feature Stories

October 27th- Eco Worriers play a benefit gig for the Green Party. Our song Big Foot about climate change went down very well. You can see the lyrics for Eco Worriers songs on another part of this website.

September 30th – Post Climate Camp Social of activists from the West Midlands. Eco Worriers played. Discussion of what actions we can take in the West Midlands after the climate camp.

September 13th – Action 21 AGM. Met local green activists and talking to people about how the Nature Reserve at Campion School might be used for disadvantaged groups such as the elderly. Also how Action 21 could work with secondary schools.

September 1st – Attended the Network of Buddhist Organisations General Meeting at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre. Met fellow Buddhists who were into doing something about the environmental crisis because of the teachings of the Dharma.

August 14th-21st – Climate Camp for Action at Heathrow.

August 14th- Had an interview about going to the Climate Camp on local Coventry and Warwickshire Radio at 8.30 am before I went. Join the Climate Camp for Action at Heathrow. On the way am stopped by the Police as they recognise my car number from DRAX. Car is stuffed with clowning gear as booked to be the resident clown, doing a magic show for kids every day. The cops allow me to go on. Join the West Midlands Neighbourhood and chat to fellow activists. Each part of the climate camp was organised into neighbourhoods from different regions. Meet two guys who want to be part of the clown show, ask one of them to write a song for our parade of children outside the camp each day.

August 15th – The whole atmosphere of the camp was tense as the Met Police were always near the perimeter. In order to make the Police Realise that there were children present and not to be too violent, the kids meeting at the Kids Tent decided to go on a parade outside the camp each day. I wrote the lyrics of the song to the tune of the “Wheels on the Bus”, the lyrics were

“Planes at Heathrow go up and down up and down up and down all day long,

The Climate of the earth gets hot hot hot, hot hot hot, hot hot hot, all day long.

The People get together and form a Climate Camp, a Climate Camp, a Climate camp all day long.

The Police don’t like it and start to frown, start to frown, start to frown all day long.

The children at the camp, dance and sing, dance and sing, dance and sing all day long.

The Police start to smile, and they join in, they join in, they join in, all day long.”

I was photographed by the Independent Newspaper leading the march and my photo of Kristoff the clown appeared on the front page on 18th August. I was pleased that this showed the non-violent peaceful face of protest. Soon found that this was a chance to get educated about climate change as there were numerous workshops. Attended a Decentralised Energy Workshop and met George Marshall at his Climate Denial workshop and thanked him for helping me with the book. Went with other green activists around the fire and listened to the sounds of Rinky Dink.

August 16th –

The clown show went well and there was lots of media when took the children on a parade outside the camp in front of the Police. Did allot of balloon models of animals for local children. Went to a workshop “Carbon web of oil, Aviation and Climate talk by James Marriot. Then went to talk by Rising Tide International about activism. . In the evening went and did my “Juke Box Man” act playing requests for those at the London neighbourhood. It was popular .

August 17th- At 9.10 had a live radio interview with Coventry and Warwickshire Radio. The clown show went well and we did the parade of the children again with lots of people taking photos and videos, was pleased that this emphasised to the heavily kitted out Met Police that there were children in the camp and any violence was not appropriate. Went to the workshop by Friends of the Earth about the Climate Change Bill, only Tony Juniper did not turn up! But it was a discussion about the need for legal frameworks to curb emissions in the future.

Went on to a workshop about action training techniques and how to deal with the police. › Articles. Sadly too late for the Deep Ecology workshop found I wanted to go to everything but it was not logistically possible. Went to workshop by Anarchists “Social Change not Climate Change” by Anarchist Federation .Really understood Anarchism better. Then went to the Main Marquee to discuss what the best target for protest would be. Saw fantastic female facilitators get all the people to agree the target of BAA headquarters using a consensus model… Anyone could have blocked the decision, worked it through until all agreed …very inspiring!! In the evening played music around the fire.

August 18th – Went to the morning discussion with the West Midlands neighbourhood. Sorted out cooking and washing up and discussed possible actions to do with the march on Sunday. The Magic show went well as did the parade of children outside the camp. Just running out of magic as had to do a new show every day. Pleased that I now had a trainee clown in the lovely Jordan. Went to a site wide meeting in the Marque where there were ardent discussion of what to do on the march and the logistics of how it was going to go. Saw amazing female facilitators gaining consensus and helping to overcome any blocks.

August 19th – Went to the West Midlands neighbourhood meeting where it was emphasised that we must stick together as part of our affinity groups. It was the day of the march to British Airports Authority HQ and put my make up on and joined an affinity group with kids and parents. Was meant to do a magic show at the Garden Centre but the Police would not let us in. We were “Kettled” by the Police, surrounded and prevented from going forward so entertained the kids with magic tricks. The Local MP negotiated our way forward to Harmondsworth. There were thousands there at the Village Green and Rinky Dink asked me to sing my song “Heathrow Airport no need expand” and so I did. Then made a brief speech dressed as Kristoff the Clown (I was following on from George Monbiot) about how locals should agitate local Councillors and local MP to stop the expansion of Heathrow. When we got to the BAA HQ there were hundreds of Police in riot gear blocking our progress. One of them shoved me even though I was dressed up as a clown! It seemed a threatening situation for children and noticed that Theo and Shannon from Seize the Day had their daughter there and there were other children so put on an impromptu magic show. At one amusing point I got my Harry Potter wand and it got out of control and I ended up in a hedge near the riot Police, I am not sure if they jumped! When we got back went to debriefing meeting and were told of 17 different actions on climate change around the country with people coming out in solidarity–Bb2Nf5eE&index=5&list=PLBB161D8437170ACD yRmTdRyU&list=PLB9760D97E8B5674B&index=16 Bb2Nf5eE&index=5&list=PLBB161D8437170ACD…/pcc-ruling-on-heathrow-protest-by-the-camp-for-climate-acti..

August 20th- Helped clearing up and said goodbyes, especially to the children who I encouraged to go into clowning. My photo on the Independent newspaper Indymedia said would go out to 35 countries so was pleased with that. Got back to the car to find I had a £50.00 parking fine. Drove back with Tom and we were buzzing with the media coverage. Felt shattered but elated when I got back home.

1st-5th August – The Big Green Gathering

Attend the Bug Green Gathering as an official speaker in the Ethics, Spirituality, and Philosophy field on Green Spirituality.

2nd August – Attended a workshop on Shamanism by Lisa Sture. She says she can help me improve the Shamanism chapter of my book.

https: //…

3rd August- Gave a talk on Green Spirituality.

4th August – Went to a fascinating and informative talk by John Curtis on how animals influence climate change. There was then a fascinating talk by Peter Taylor about the shamanic view of climate change. later the Eco Worriers played in one of the cafes playing songs Capitalism is killing the earth, beautiful earth and Too many Cars the lyrics of which you can see on the website. . L

5th August – Went to a multi-faith service and took part as a Buddhist. Then onto a talk about the Global Water crisis by the World Development Movement…very useful for my chapter on water.

July 15th – Finish digging the wildlife pond at Campion School. School wins an award from Britain in Bloom helped by the nature reserve.

July – Release Eco Worriers video launched as part of the “Live Earth” project promoted by Climate Outreach. It took us two days to make and only made possible by the generous direction and production by Carlos Dos Anjos. The lyrics of Bigfoot written by Ray Moye can be found on this site. It is a very clever take on how our large carbon footprints drive climate change, just like the Bigfoot in America leaves giant footprints.

June 16th- Perform as Kristoff the clown at the Leamington Peace Festival with fellow magician Ryan Compton.

June 12th- Eco Worriers performed a gig at the General Wolf in Coventry. Performed the song about climate change called Bigfoot and you can see the lyrics for this on another part of this site.

June 10th- Got a letter of advice from David Wasdell, a climate change expert on my approach to the book. He did not subscribe to my spiritual approach but advised I “ do some inner work on the personal grounds of despair and empowerment, and then re-engage with the practical imperative of making a difference in a world which needs every once of energy you can give.”…/global-extinction-within-one-human-lifetime-as-a-result-of.

June 2nd- Kristoff the clown Clowning supporting Redditch Green Fair for free.

May 31st- for a lottery grant from BBC breathing spaces for building a pathway through the nature reserve at Campion School for disabled people.

May 28th – Purchased some planters using a grant from ASDA with a view to planting them out with colourful plants and so enhance the environment at Campion School.

May 20th- Eco Worriers play a gig at a local park called the Dell. Played 10 years, our climate change song and Too Many cars the lyrics of which can be found on the website.

May 15th- Had an e mail from Martin Palmer of ARC, an organisation that shows the contribution of religious organisations in protecting the environment. He advised me that writing my book was a difficult as “writing about faith is a minefield and it is very easy to make mistakes, misrepresentations and overstatements.”

May 12-13th Attended an International Climate Change Conference at the London School of Economics Organised by the Campaign against Climate Change in conjunction with the London School of Economics and Political Science. Shared a platform with Muzammal Hussain from the London Islamic Network for the and Jonathon Essex from Christian Ecology Link Gave a talk about Buddhist perspective on climate change which went down very well as it generated discussion of acting on climate change from a spiritual base. Met David Wasdell, a Physicist and expert on climate change who agreed to look at my climate change chapter. At the social afterwards in the Square Pig pub in Red Lion Square, played the Eco Worriers song 10 years. t www.musliminstitute.org

May 3rd- stood as a Green party candidate for Warwick District Council. /

April 4th- Eco Worriers played a gig at the Golden Cross pub in Coventry. On the way to the gig trip over a chain and break my right arm but still played the gig.

March 23rd- Eco Worriers play a benefit gig for “Leam ‘n’ aid”, a week-end where 30 bands played to raise money for the War Child .We were reported in the local press.

March 14th- Received a letter from James Plaskitt, local labour MP outlining his support for the Climate Change Bill.

March 10th- Planting trees with Eco Club at Campion School.

March 3rd- Perform a Fair Trade Song at Leamington Town Hall that I had especially written to support Fair Trade Fortnight. Record the song and give a copy to all the fair-trade outlets in Leamington.

February 7th- Attend the Green Party Annual General Meeting. /

January 29th- Give a talk on Green Spirituality and Climate Change to the local Bahai group.

January 11th- Eco Worriers played a gig at the Canal Basin in Coventry. Played Capitalism is Killing the Earth and Too Many Cars, lyrics can be found on this website.

January 7th- Do a clown gig for LETS for Aden.

January 3rd- Did an interview about Green Spirituality for Unity Radio in Birmingham.


December 21st- Eco Worriers perform for the “Save Warwick Hospital “campaign as a fund raiser along with other groups.

December 15th- Eco worriers perform at the Rugby Stop the War Coalition Party.

December 5th- attended the first meeting of Canalside Community Foods and became a member. Canalside community foods are part of the Community Supported Agriculture Scheme where local people pay local growers to grow wholesome organic food.

December 1st- Get a letter in the local press to support the building of cycle paths to relieve traffic congestion and pollution in Leamington spa.

November 30th- Chair the annual meeting of the Gardening and Conservation Club at Campion School. `

November 21st- Met Rabbi Margaret Jacobi in London to discuss the contents of the chapter on Judaism.

November 12th- Eco Worriers play a gig at the Tavern in the town in Coventry.

November 6th- Got a letter from James Plaskitt MP assuring me his support in trying to combat the effects of climate change.

November 4th- Join people of other spiritual traditions at St. Ethelburgas in London in a “Pause for the Planet” event. The inter-faith event centred on meditation and prayer about climate change. Met Jim from Save Our world organisation and Jo Abbess from Christian Ecology Link.’s_Bishopsgate

November 4th- joined a climate change march with 20,000 people in London organised by the Campaign against climate change. I held up a banner showing an image of the Buddha but indicating that it was possible to form an inter-faith climate change group. The banner appeared in a Chanel 4 programme about faith and climate change. Heard great speeches from George Montbiot, and Caroline Lucas

November 3rd- Get a letter of reply from James Plaskitt MP about the Stern Report indicating his full support for the findings. .

October 24th- Join others and do some good networking at a Climate Change Training Day at St. Ethelburgas in London. Met up with Jonathan Elliot from Talk Action.’s_Bishopsgate

September 16th- Join others at the Resurgence Magazine 40th Anniversary Celebration. Got endorsements for the book from Jonathon Porrit, Satish Kumar

August 26th- Contacted by Chris Trwoga re the Shamanism chapter , having looked at it he said it was “it is tightly written and is accessible and pleasant to read.”

September 4th- Eco Worriers play at the Fourth Northampton Green Festival at Abingdon Park in Northampton. Played some recently composed such as Eco Criminal, the lyrics of which you can see on this website.

August 26th – 4th September- Attend the Camp for Climate Action in Megawatt Valley, the first climate camp protest in the world. This was set up by a group of dynamic activists in a field near the DRAX power station without permission from the authorities. So the whole time there was an atmosphere that the Police might invade the site and move us on. Did the Clowning shows for the kids of the protestors which helped bring lightness and humour to the event, helped by Claire from Bally Clare. Every day had to do different magic tricks so it was difficult. On One day went outside the fence and made a model balloon “police dog” for one of the officers, just to let them know there were children present at the site. On 30th August did a talk on Green Spirituality and Climate Change.…/example_climatecamp_press_releases.doc…

August- 8th- Interviewed about views on Green Spirituality on Coventry and Warwickshire Radio station. Talked allot about how young people are just not engaged in the environmental movement or spirituality.

August 1st-6th Attend the Big Green Gathering. Met Michael Maxwell Steer who helped get me on the workshops.

August 2nd – chaired a discussion about climate change and spirituality in the Green Forum after giving a brief talk about Green Spirituality. Later had a short interview on Green Radio about Green Spirituality.

August 3rd – in the Hay Big Bender tent, in the Ethics, Philosophy and Spirituality area, chaired a discussion about making real what is already happening putting forward the Green Spirituality if idea of a peaceful transition to a more spiritually based society. Then went to talk by Chris Trwoga on Shamanism and the environment who kindly offered to look over my shamanism chapter.

August 4th – Went to a talk by Mike Feingold on permaculture

Also met David Beasley from an organisation called Green drinks, organising socials locally for people in the green movement to met have a pint and a chat. He said he was an eco-socialist. Also met Anthony Goodman who was exploring the nature of Mind, Consciousness and what we see as reality. The Eco worriers did a good gig for free in the Tebarth Cafe. .

August 5th- Gave a talk in the Little Bag end tent on Rediscovering Green Spirituality. Met William Bloom who ran allot of consciousness raising workshops.

Went to a workshop by Chris Johnstone on Personal power for the planet .Then went onto a workshop by Rob Hopkins about Peak oil and future sustainability…. In the evening Eco Worriers played a gig in the last Chance Saloon. Capitalism is Killing the earth, which became the title track of the CD was well received and the audience sang along “Capitalism is Killing the Earth, Capitalism don’t see its worth.” .…/rob_hopkins_transition_to_a_world_with

August 6th – Went to the morning inter-faith service led by Maxwell Steer I had a chance to chant “May All Beings Be well and Happy” as an addition to other inspired contributions came from others especially shamanic and pagan.

July 24th- Managed to get a meeting with Marsha who was on the production team for a faith show “Heaven and Earth” on Sunday mornings on BBC. Nothing came of it as my green spirituality work did not fit into what they wanted to do.

July 19th- Eco Worriers did a gig at the Jug and Jester pub in Leamington. Did the Peak Oil song and Tom Hellberg did his song Mr. Vivisector both went down well and both have lyrics on this website.

July 17th- Got a letter from the Northampton Green Festival thanking the Eco Worriers for playing saying we went down well and could we come next year.

July 17th- Got a letter from James Plaskitt MP saying that he knew I was interested in world poverty and the government were acting to cancel some third world debts.

July 16th- Eco Worriers played in the local park called the Dell. Our G8 song went down well and the lyrics can be seen on this website.

July-15th- Went to a LETS barbeque as social secretary.

July 12th- Got a letter from James Plaskitt MP about the government’s energy review proposing that there be more investment in alternative energy.

July 8th- Played a free gig for St. Peter’s church fete for free for nearly 2 hours. Tom was joined by Luke and we did covers and also our own songs Too Many Cars, Fairtrade Song, WTO, Beautiful Earth, Corporate crime and Global doom all the lyrics of which are on this website.

June 17th- Performed as Kristoff the clown at the Leamington Peace Festival.…/60997-Leamington-Peace-Festival-this-weeken

June 4th- Went to an Inter-faith conference on Climate change at Birmingham Town Hall organised by Friends of the Earth.

Heard Laurie Michaelis speak about how Quakers are getting involved in climate change. and Fazlun Khalid about how Muslims are tackling climate change and offering to help me with my chapter on Islam. Also talked to Jo Rathbone from the Eco Congregation. Gave a talk entitled Green Spirituality: Spiritual Teachings on Climate Change network as a member of the Birmingham Inter-faith group.…/whats-happened/

June 3rd- Attended a Climate Change Conference at the London School of Economics organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change. Contributed to a discussion on Spirituality and Climate Change which was led by Derek Wall from a Buddhist perspective, Muzammal Hussain from a Muslim perspective, and Jonathon Essex from a Christian Perspective . There were also other speakers such as Michael Meacher who gave an insightful talk. At the end of the conference I joined others for a social at the Square Pig and did a set of Eco Worrier songs for 35 minutes.

May 1st- Eco Worriers played a gig at the Cottage in Coventry.

April 29th- Eco Worriers finished recording the last track of CD entitled “Capitalism is Killing the Earth” after two years. The idea was to sell the CD for green causes and use it as a platform for live gigs.

March 16th-19th- Attended the Green Party Conference in Scarborough and gave a talk on Green Spirituality. Talk went well and well received. The Eco Worriers also played at the Review, especially the songs Peak Oil and Ten Years, the lyrics of which you can find on this website.…/conference/2006/Spring2006_final_timetable_for_

March 16th- Took the Campion School Eco Club to a local school to dig over their vegetable patch for them which was reported in the local press.

March 15th- Got a letter from my local MP James Plaskitt informing me about an animal rights issue he thought I would be interested in the banning of cosmetic docking of dogs tails

March 14th- Letter from my local MP James Plaskitt informing of the progress of the Coventry Airport Planning Appeal and offering his support for opposing the expansion of Coventry Airport

March 11th- Eco Worriers played at the Leam’n’aid benefit gig at Robbins Well in Leamington to raise money for the Tsunami appeal. Got people clapping along to our song “Make Poverty History” the lyrics of which you can find on this website. l Reported in both courier and observer local newspapers

February 25th- organised and delivered a benefit gig for the British Heart Foundation at the Jug and Jester in memory of Chris Lavelle a local musician friend who died suddenly aged 50 of a heart attack. Got support of some really great local bands and raised allot of money. The Eco Worriers played 10 years and Beautiful Earth lyrics of which are on the website. Reported in the local press

February 16th- Got a letter published in local newspaper voicing my opposition on behalf of the Green Party to the proposal of building an incinerator in Warwickshire.

January 13th- Eco Club at Campion plant new trees in the nature reserve which is reported in the press.

January 11th- Eco Worriers play at the Golden Cross pub in Coventry.

January 9th- got a reply letter from James Plaskitt MP about what the government was doing about climate change. He gave assurances in the letter.


December 27th- Did a free Kristoff the clown magic show with fellow magician Ryan at the Helen Ley centre which catered for people with severe physical disabilities.

December 3rd- Joined a march in London as part of an international day of climate protest organised by the campaign against climate change. Eco Worriers played their climate change songs on the march.

November 19th- as part of the Birmingham Inter-faith group visited a Jain ashram had a lovely talk on Jainism from Arvinder Also had a talk about Hinduism We then went to the Peace Pagoda and had a talk about Buddhism. Finally went to see Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha Gurdwara to explore the Sikh tradition. . www.gnnsjleeds.com

November 14th- Attend the AGM of LETS.

November 10th- AGM of the Campion School Gardening and Conservation club. Students elected a chair, vice chair, treasurer and other members of the committee.

November 10th- Campion School Gardening and Conservation Club get into the paper as given plants by local DIY store FOCUS, students photographed putting in the plants.

November 5th- Attended the United Nations Association talk by Shirin Rai on “Feminist Politics, democratisation, globalisation and development- the role of women” /

October 27th- Went to talk by Paul Mobbs author of “Energy beyond Oil” when he showed the film End of Suburbia.

October 26th- Went to see John-Francis Phipps who helped me found the green spirituality working group in the Green Party for advice on the book.…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/dp/0957663706

October 20th- Eco Worriers play a gig at the Beer Engine pub in Coventry.

October 1st- Went to a Conference in Oxford organised by campaign against climate change in Oxford with the purpose of thinking about what to do in the up and coming climate march. Met Mark Lynas and he offered to help me with the climate change chapter and endorse the book. Also had inter-faith meeting where I suggested that we form an inter-faith organisation for the march which demonstrates all faiths are against climate change.…Mark-Lynas/0007209053

September 9-11- Attend the Green Party Conference in Lancaster.üver_Spoon_EPOP.pdf

September 10th- Eco Worriers did some busking in the town square to raise funds for the Green Party and made £13. In the evening the Eco Worriers were part of the Review and sang a song I had especially for the 30th Anniversary of the Green Party called “Happy Birthday US” people sang along and swayed side to side with their lighers. Also did a talk on Green Spirituality to about 19 people which was well received as some thought we should bring more spiritual philosophy into the Green Party. Also did a magic show for free for the kids attending the conference.

September 11th- Met Miriam Kennet and talked to her about the book.

September 6th- Attend a Birmingham Inter-faith meeting chaired by Chris Hewer. It was a talk on Christianity and David Shreeve and his colleague Clare Foster were there from the Church of England.…/david-shreeve-s-comment

September 4th- Eco Worriers played at the Northampton Green Festival went down well. Met flute player Peter NightEagle. Peter played North American Flutes on our CD “Capitalism is killing the Earth”

August 3rd-7th Attend the Big Green Gathering as a guest speaker.

September 4th- The Eco Worriers did some busking to give money to the Green Party. Went to the Question Time Debate and heard a good argument against incinerators from Tony Juniper .

August 5th- Went to listen to a talk by Aubrey Meyer on Contraction and Convergence. Talked to him afterwards and he agreed to look at my chapter on Climate Change.…/dp/1870098943 .

August 6th- Gave a talk in the small tent on Rediscovering Green Spirituality. Then followed this with chairing the Great Debate “is Green Spirituality a new religion?” Very active discussion especially contribution from William Bloom who preferred the concept of “Holism” taking the best from each spiritual tradition.

August 7th- Attended the multi-faith service and made a Buddhist contribution in chanting “may all beings be well and happy”. Gave a talk on Green Spirituality in the Green Forum tent.

July 22nd- The Eco Worriers did a gig in the local park called the Dell as part of a community. I also gave a magic show for the kids

6th- July – Eco Worriers attend the G8 Gleneagles conference in Scotland to protest and play music.

8th July- Eco Worriers played a gig for one and half hours in the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh.é

6th July- Eco Worriers joined thousands of others on protest march to the Gleneagles country house where the G8 meeting was taking place. We played our G8 song on the march but had to retreat near the end as got charged by the Met police on horseback.

June 17th- gave a magic and music show as Kristoff the clown with my friend magician Ryan Compton at the Leamington Peace Festival.

June 11th- Organise a Folk and Rock Benefit concert to raise money for OXFAM as a “Make Poverty History free concert”. Eco Worriers and other bands play and we raise money which I give to OXFAM and this is reported in local press. About 100 to 200 people came through the night and it was great when they all joined in our G8 song with the chorus” Lets make Poverty History”, the lyrics you can see on this website.

June 5th- Did a magic show at Heathcote Hospital with Ryan .Many of the patients severely physically disabled but they enjoyed it.

May 25th- Eco Worriers played at the White Friars pub in Coventry. Played new numbers, the Court of King Blair, Incineration Insult and G8.

May 22nd- Eco Worriers played at a community event the “Party in the Dell” a local park

May 20th- Gave a talk in Birmingham to the Birmingham inter-faith group about Buddhism. This was chaired by Chris Hewer who chaired the group. /…/Reflection%20on%20the%20Understanding%20Islam%20p

May 17th- Attended the Action 21 AGM. Talked to organisers about how they could come into Campion School fix bikes and talk about reuse and recycling.

April 21st- Went to a Peak Oil talk by Paul Mobbs.

March 19th – Eco Worriers did a benefit gig with other bands for Tsunami victims in Coventry at the Tam’O’ Shanter Club. Played Coventry Airport song, the lyrics of which can be seen on this website.

March 3rd- 6th Attended the Green Party Conference in Chesterfield.…/CityGreenJan05.pdf

March 6th went to a talk on Peak Oil by Powerswitch which was pretty frightening

March 5th – Gave a free magic show and made animal balloons at the conference for the children of green party members attending. Eco Worriers did some busking in the town square and raised some money for the Green Party Campaigns Committee. In the evening the Eco Worriers played in the Green Party review, the number Driven went down well the lyrics of which can be seen on this website.

March 4th- Gave a talk about Green Spirituality and Global environmental problems which went down well.

February 12th- Joined some 20,000 others in a Kyoto Climate March organised by Campaign Against Climate Change

On the march the Eco Worriers played some songs. Met Guy from the Resist organisation.

February 10th- Went to a Climate Change Conference in Birmingham organised by Friends of the Earth. Met Ashfaq Ahmed, educational development officer for the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences. He was telling me that the organisation tried to educate Muslim’s in the teachings of Mohammad in caring for the environment

5th-6th February- the Eco Worriers played a benefit gig with other bands to raise funds for the Tsunami appeal. The event was called “Leam’n’Aid. We were described as “two street musicians who write about current environmental issues. Recently featured in Midlands To-day television. Most of you could do with taking a leaf out of their books.”We played our WTO song about fair trade, Corporate crime, about how the corporations destroy the environment, Ecological criminal showing how individuals can destroy the environment through consumerism and Higher Love which prompts people to think of the less fortunate- the lyrics of all are found on this website. We went down well and helped raise £2,500 with the event being publicised in the local media. .

February 3rd- Attended a public meeting on Energy and Climate organised by Friends of the Earth. There was a six person panel including Friends of the Earth, Green Party, Campaign Against Climate Change and Claire Short MP.…climate-change/…/50/…climate-change/press-release-local-mp-joins-call-for-actio.

January 30th- Eco Worriers played at the Tin Angel in Coventry.

January 26th- Attended a Green Party meeting where we discussed targeting of seats to get a councillor.…/localparties/warwickandleamington/…/coucma

January 25th- Eco Worriers did a gig at the Courthouse pub in Coventry. Sang our new song “Coventry Airport” which was about opposition to the expansion of Coventry Airport and also Eco Warrior the lyrics of which can be seen on this website.

January 15th- Eco Worriers play their anti-airport expansion song at the “Plane Crazy Art Exhibition” organised by the stop Coventry Airport Expansion campaign. We get filmed by the BBC Midlands to-day and appear on the news programme.…/airport-protests-expressed-through-art-at-exhibi…/6046.pdf



December 17th- Eco Worriers play at the Rugby stop the War Coalition fund raising Christmas party.

December 11th- Eco Worriers play at the Oxford Green Fair. Go down well.

December 7th- Letter from James Plaskitt MP informing me of the progress of the Coventry Airport expansion enquiry.…/6046.pdf

December 9th- Had a letter back from my MP James Plaskitt about my enquiry about what the Labour Government was doing about Climate Change.

December 5th- As social secretary for Leamington LETS we organise a trading day at our house which was quite well attended.

December 4th- went to a United Nations Association talk “War or Peace- Challenge for the United Nations” by Bruce Kent.

November 26th- The pupils of Campion School plant up a 1 hectare area of trees and shrubs to create “Paintings Plantation” in honour of Norman Painting’s 80th birthday. (|Phil Archer in the Archer’s radio programme for nearly 60 years and Vice President of the Tree Council) The Eco Club members help to organise the mass planting plan according to a design by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers The event was reported in the local press and also appeared as an article in the Tree Council National Magazine. .…/paintings-plantation-nature-reserve-receives-some-green-finger…/……/WhitnashTymesSummer2008.pdf

November 8th- Went to the LETS AGM here I met Archy Muir who asked the Eco Worriers to play at an art event organised to highlight opposition to the expansion of Coventry Airport.

November 6th- Met James Plaskitt MP to discuss the sitting of a proposed incinerator plant in Warwickshire. He said he was compiling evidence for an enquiry.

November 20th- Got a letter from my MP James Plaskitt that the Hunting Act was now law.

October 21-24-Attended the Green Party Conference in Weston Super Mare…/GreenSWord/GreenSWord0409.pdf

October 24th- met Miriam Kennet from the New Economics Foundation and indicated she may be interested in publishing a book on Green Spirituality.

October 23rd- Did a free magic show for the kids at the conference. Talked to Joe Hulm of Tall Ships about sustainable energy from tidal power. Then went to a workshop on Incineration by Doctor Dick Van Steenis.…/10358690.Tributes_paid_to_Monmouth_doctor_and_

October 22nd- The Eco Worriers played in the Revue and Tom did his Oil song and Too Many cars and Beautiful Earth went down very well. You can see lyrics on this website. Met Leon Sea who was interested in our work.

October 9th- Attended the Operation Noah organised by Christian Ecology Link and Churches together in Britain and Ireland. Good introduction by Jonathon Porritt and Rev. John Kennedy. Great talk by Sir John Houghton talking about the John Ray initiative on Climate Change.…/operation-noah-9th-october-2004-coventry/ s…/052170916..

October 2nd- Invited by Kenilworth Soroptimists to join them on an environment day in Kenilworth called “What a Load of Rubbish”. I played the part of “Mr. Rubbish”, a character I developed from writing and performing a play about Recycling to primary school children. My picture of me dressed up as a rubbish bin appeared on the front page of the Kenilworth Observer newspaper

September 23rd – Have a letter explaining my arguments against the expansion of Coventry Airport published in the Leamington observer.

September 19th- Get a letter from my local MP James Plaskitt informing me of the progress of HIV/AIDS treatment in Leamington.,_2004

September 18th- Get a reply letter from my MP James Plaskitt about my opposition to the expansion of Coventry Airport supporting my position.

September 17th- Get a letter from my MP James Plaskitt saying he agrees with me that Fox Hunting should be banned and has voted against it in the commons.

September 17th- Article appears in the Courier newspaper explaining how there is recycling of paper and card at Campion School. This is something I set up with the Eco Club.

September 8th- Contacted by Tree Council to say that Norman Painting wanted to create a nature reserve at Campion School in his name as part of his 80th birthday celebration. It was agreed to mark the entrance to the reserve by a large tablet of stone calling it “Painting’s Plantation”. The Tree Council agreed to give £700 worth of native trees and shrubs to create the reserve on one hectare of land at Campion school.…/paintings-plantation-nature-reserve-receives-some-green-finger

July 17th – Perform as” Mr. Rubbish” at the Warwick Association of Youth Clubs 50th Anniversary celebrations in the Pump Room gardens in Leamington.. I played the part of “Mr. Rubbish”, a character I developed from writing and performing a play about Recycling to primary school children.

July 15th – Appear in the paper with Campion School Gardening Club as a new polytunnel is sponsored by an old pupil Richard Skelcher and local businessman Carl Harris. It is reported in both local newspapers.

July 9th – Perform the Recycling Roadshow as Mr. Rubbish at Brier Hill Primary School.

July 4th- Perform the Recycling Roadshow as Mr. Rubbish at Telford Primary School.

June 27th – Do a free gig as Kristoff the Clown at Castle Froma, a home for physically disabled people.

June 19th- Kristoff the clown appears at the Leamington Peace Festival doing his magic and music show for kids.

June 15th – The Eco Worriers appear in the Leamington Courier promoting their anti-Coventry Airport expansion song entitled “No more Airports No more Roads” seeking gigs and other musicians to work with.

June 6th – Did a free clown gig at Heathcote rehabilitation hospital as Kristoff the clown with my magician friend Ryan. Went down well.

June 5th –Join other cyclists on a mass demonstration cycle ride to highlight the need for more cycle lanes in Leamington Spa. It was reported in the paper.

May 24th- Perform my Recycling Roadshow as Mr. Rubbish several times to primary school children attending a Coventry and Warwickshire Schools environmental day. David Bellamy inspired the proceedings

May 23rd – Eco Worriers played at a local community event in the Dell Park.,_Leamington_Spa

May 23rd – Attended the Action 21 AGM at the Brunswick Healthy Living Centre in Leamington. There were good discussions about the future of the sustainability organisation.

May 15th- Attended the Kyoto Climate March in London organised by Campaign against Climate Change. Eco Worriers played in front of the American Embassy “Capitalism is Killing the Earth”, the lyrics of which you can see on this website. Also played along with Rinky Dink.

May 1st- Joined an anti-capitalist protest and marched from Clerkenwell to Trafalgar square in London where there were rousing speeches. Dressed up as “Kristoff the anti-capitalist clown” and sang “I’m Krsitoff the anti-capitalist clown, I say Capitalism is letting us down, It is exploiting the people and destroying the earth, thinks that making money is the greatest worth, Capitalism is based on greed, But people don’t get what they need, If Capitalism is not controlled be nothing left when I get old.”’_Day

April 27th – Performed a Recycling Roadshow at Cubbington Primary school which went down well.

April 24th – Went to Warwick District United Nations Association talk by Harula Ladd on “Rwanda Hope and Despair after Genocide”.

April 16th – Attended a SchNEWS event in Leamington, people from the activist magazine came to stimulate debate about the coming G8 and the GM food.

April 7th- Kristoff the clown and magician Ryan entertain at a Day Centre at a local hospital for free.

April 1st Appear in the papers with other members of gardening club in appeal for a new greenhouse since the wind had demolished the previous one.

March 4th – Letter from MP James Plaskitt praising my work on poverty and informing me of the International Finance Facility set up to help developing countries.…/financing-for…/international…/45053.html

February 23rd Met Lucky from British Trust for Conservation Volunteers who offered to plan the nature reserve at Campion School and plant it with native trees and shrubs and make an application to the Tree Council for funding the 1 hectare of woodland.

February 17th – Met local Bahais Paddy and Anne in Southam to get their help with my Bahai chapter.á’í_Faith…/spiritual-assembly-of-the-bahais-of-leamington-spa-01423210/

February 5th – At St. Peters School in Leamington to perform the Recycling Roadshow to primary school children as part of my role as chair of the Recycling group of Action 21.

January 24th –Eco Worriers played to support a Disarmament Gathering by the Quakers in Birmingham.


December 20th- Eco Worriers play in support of a Stop the War Benefit Party in Rugby.

December 13th –The Eco Worriers played at the 23rd Annual Winter Green Fair in Oxford.

December 6th – Supported the Old Town Christmas Fair in Leamington performing as Kristoff the clown.

November 29th – Kristoff the clown did a Magic Gig at Heathcote disability hospital for free to cheer up the patients at Christmas time.

November 10th – Attended the AGM of LETS and there was a useful discussion about trading.

October 11th- Eco worriers played their anti-GM song at a GM Free Coventry event at Ryton Organic Gardens. You can see the lyrics of this song on the website. www.coventrytelegraph.…/2003/07/ryton-organic-gardens-visit.shtml…/faq-genetically-modified-food/en/

September 17th – Had a letter from James Plaskitt my local MP about the failure of the World Trade Organisation Talks especially over agricultural export s from poorer countries to richer countries.…/World_Trade_Organization_Ministerial_Conference_of_2..…e/world_trade_report_2003_e.pdf

September 11th- 14th – Attended the Autumn Green Party Conference in Lancaster.…/conference/2003/3.%20media%20highlights%201.h

September 13th- Gave a talk on Spiritual Traditions and global environmental problems. Lots of people coming and lots of discussion and interest still. In the afternoon Eco Worriers did some busking in town to raise money for the campaigns committee. In the evening the Eco Worriers performed at the Revue with a song to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Green Party with the lyrics “We are 30 Plus Happy Birthday us” people got their lighters out and sang along!

July 30th – Got a letter from James Plaskitt after I wrote to him about the Trade Justice Campaign. He wanted to deliver the Doha Development Agenda and bring fairer trade to the developing world through the World Trade Organisation.…/World_Trade_Organization_Ministerial_Conference_of_2..…e/world_trade_report_2003_e.pdf

July 30th- August 3rd – Attended the Big Green Gathering and was rewarded with a free ticket as did magic and music shows as Kristoff the clown.

July 17th – Maggie from Garden Organic came to see our organic garden at Campion School Gardening Club. She was very impressed and an article appeared in their organic schools magazine for the whole country. It also appeared in “Organics To-day” a magazine published by Duchy Originals in the summer edition. /…/the-prince-of-wales-and-the-duchess-of-cornwall-celeb.

July 5th – LETS members joined us for a wall paper stripping day. The organisation allowed us to get lots of volunteers without having to pay out money but just give oaks, the local currency with lots of tea and cake and friendly conversation. Reminded me that you can create and alternative economy based on barter and good will.

June 30th – Performed the Recycling Roadshow on behalf of Action 21 Recycling group as Mr. Rubbish at Leek Wooton Primary school.

June 28th – Performed my Fair trade song WTO and other songs to support a rally in the Pump Room Gardens in Leamington in support of making international trade deals fairer for the poor. This was organised by Christian Outreach Relief and Development, One world Link and the United Nations Association. The MP James Plaskitt came to give support and the event was reported in the local press.

June 28th- Eco Worriers played at a gig in Coventry Higher Love and Driven went down well and you can see the lyrics on the website.

June 20th- Attended a Primary Schools Environmental day for Coventry and Warwickshire and performed the Recycling Roadshow 5 times!

June 14th – Performed at the 25th Leamington Peace Festival as Kristoff the Clown.

June 11th- Chaired the Recycling group of Action 21. Discussion of can recycling.

June 6th – Have a profile of me printed in the local paper.

May 22nd- Invited as a special guest, having been on the organising committee in the past of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Peace Festival at the Pump Rooms Museum.

May 20th – Attended the AGM of Action 21 and performed the Recycling Roadshow as Mr. Rubbish.

May 18th- The Eco Worriers played a gig at the “party in the Dell” a local community event.

May 16th – Join others at a “Day to Remember” on the 5th anniversary of the Birmingham Human Chain on Third World Debt organised by the Jubilee Debt Campaign. Heard a good talk by Sir Bob Geldof and a video speech by Gordon Brown MP. And Stephen Rand from the Tear Fund.…/$file/Reyes.pdf

May 6th – Stood as a candidate for the Green Party for Warwick Town Council. Labour won most of the ward but came close to Conservatives, their highest vote was 762 and I polled 564

April 28th – Joined others in a protest at the Magistrates in Leamington in support of anti-war protestors who had blocked an entrance to a petrol station in protest at the start of the Iraq War. Sang a few songs “Pipes of Peace” “Love is all you Need” and “Give Peace a Chance”outside the court. Reported in local press.

April 12th – Played at the Emergency Peace Festival. Played Eco Worriers songs Iraq Pact and Bomb Iraq which you can see the lyrics on this website. Also Give Peace a Chance and All you Need is Love.

March 31st- Attend protest outside the Magistrates Court in Leamington in support of those arrested in an action at the Army base in Kineton. Sang Iraq Pact and “Give Peace a Chance”.

March 29th – Went on the Kyoto march in London organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change .This march ended up at the American Embassy as it was against Bush and his intransigence in supporting the Kyoto agreement. We sang Kyoto Suicide and Capitalism outside the US embassy, the lyrics of which you can see on this website. Great speech by Jean Lambert and Phil Thornhill.

March 22nd- Went to an anti war protest organised by Stop the War Coalition in London. Sang Iraq Pact throughout the march.

March 17th – Attended a protest outside the Magistrates Court in Leamington organised the Leamington branch of stop the war coalition to support those that had been charged for protesting outside the army barracks in Kinetin. Sang with other musicians “Give Peace a Chance”. The event was on the local TV news and reported in the press as they did an impressive “die in” with lots of fake blood, highlighting the violence of the war.

March 13th-16th Attended the Green Party Spring Conference at Llandrindod Wells.…/GreenSWord/GreenSWord0303.pdf ,

March 15th- Gave a talk on Rediscovering Green Spirituality which was well received by pagans and Christians who attended. Also met Pat Knowles who wanted me to participate in the Inter-faith work going on in Birmingham. Then went on to do a magic show for the kids as Krsitoff the clown which went down well. The Eco Worriers did some busking in the town and in three quarters of an hour raised £16.88 for the Green Party Campaigns committee. The Eco Worriers played at the Revue in the evening with Eco Criminal, Iraq Pact and Kyoto suicide being sung, the lyrics of which can be seen on this website.

March16th – Went to a Peace Vigil outside Leamington town hall in protest at the Iraq War.

March 14th- Supported Red Nose day as “Kristoff the Juke Box Clown”, playing requests of hits from the last 50 years for donations in Leamington. Reported in the local press. Raised £179.33. /

March 12th- Chaired a meeting of the Action 21 Recycling group. Talking about making props for the recycling roadshow.

March 1st- joined 1000 other protestors at an anti-war march in Leamington organised by Leamington Stop the War Coalition. The Eco Worriers turned out on the march and did our song Iraq Pact. Reported in the local press. There were speeches by the Bishop of Coventry the Right Rev. Colin Bennetts and Councillor Bob Crowther. /…/Default.aspx…/leamington-spa-warwickshire/crowther-robert-councillor-3y.

February 28th- got a letter published in the Leamington Courier about the new licensing laws which would prevent more live music.

February 21st- Got a letter of complaint about not recycling plastics and cans at the local tip.

February 15th- join in with up to 2 million people, at the biggest march in world history against the war in Iraq. Tom and I played “Give Peace a Chance” throughout the whole march. Was late for the speeches taking us 5 hours to get to Hyde Park.,_2003,_anti-war_protests

February 14th- Eco Worriers played their first public gig at a pre war march fund raising night for Comic Relief under the heading “Out on the Peace at the Torrington in North Finchley. We were on the same bill as Rinky Dink. And Miranda Lamutanta Amy Winehouse was discovered in this pub in 2002 and given a £50,000 recording contract.

February 14th- Got a letter published in the Leamington Courier complaining about the overfilled glass recycling bins and a plea to make Recycling more friendly.

February 10th- Attended a talk on Energy and Climate put on by the Action 21 Energy group. Frightening talk of our future with Climate Change by Dr. Stephan Harrison from Oxford University.…/exeter-university-prof-debating-skeptics-is-like-mud-w

February 5th- Attended the local Green Party Meeting. Agreed to help out with socials.

February 1st- Went to a conference in Birmingham organised by Friends of the Earth entitled “Don’t let big business rule your world.” Met Tony Juniper, Director of Friends of the Earth. Good talk on the Social Forum in Brazil.

January 30th – Chaired Action 21 Recycling Group Meeting where we discussed putting on the Recycling Roadshow I had written including the Mr. Rubbish song and the Compost song.

January 29th – Went to an anti-Iraq war talk by Bruce Kent.…/book-review-the-zealous-march-of-a-catholic-protester-un.

January 18th- Gave a talk on” Global and Local Environmental issues how successful was the Johannesburg Summit? “at the Warwick District United Nations Association Meeting. This was reported in the local paper.

January 9th – Gave a talk on Green Spirituality to Friends of the Earth Coventry branch. Talked allot about my trip to India which went down well.


December 30th- Performed for free at Birmingham Children’s hospital as Kristoff the clown for kids stuck in hospital over Christmas and got positive feedback from staff and kids.’s_Hospital

December 21st- Met some kids from the Gardening Club at Campion School and planted some hawthorn bushes provided by the Council. Got a good write up in both papers.,_Leamington_Spa

December 5th- Chaired the Action 21 Recycling Group meeting where we discussed the forthcoming Recycling Roadshow. .

November 30th- Performed as Kristoff the clown helped by Tom Hellberg at the celebration of turning on the Old Town’s Christmas lights organised by Regenesis. It is from this meeting that Tom and I decided to form the Eco Worriers.…/regenesis

November 23rd – Gave a slide show and talk about my travels to India.

November 9th – Went to a talk by Keith Hindle a United Nations Association board member about the “role of Civil Society within the United Nations System” at the United Nations Association Warwick branch.

November 4th- Went to the AGM of LETS. Gave feedback on my role as social secretary.

October 30th- Campion School Gardening club gets a good article in the Henry Doubleday research Association Magazine the “Organic Way”. /’_Expe

October 25th –Attended Birmingham Book Festival to hear a talk by Mark Tully, BBC India correspondent, about his book “India in Slow Motion.”

October 7th- Attended a LETS meeting and sadly had to hand in my resignation as social secretary as too much to do with the book research and writing.

Research Trip to India 7th July-23rd September

September 23rd. – Leaving India.

September 22nd – Attended a Jain Gathering in Delhi which was addressed by a “sky clad” Jain monk of the Digambar sect. completely naked. Interviewed Satish Chand, a Jain who was a retired Commissioner for the whole of Delhi. He said that the city could not cope with influx of immigrants every day. Also interviewed Father Donald De Souza who was a Christian. He said that the 25 million Christians in India had a profound effect on education. He said Hindus were the majority but were not organised and split into four main groups. The Poverty of India he said was expressed by the fact that 50,000 people a day had no job and had to find work that very day labouring. Then went to “Green Delhi” to interview Ramesh Chandra ex Managing Editor, The Times of India, Editor of Navabharat Times and Publisher of the Economic Times and Sandhya Times. The Times of India newspaper had a circulation of two and half million. He said that Jains had become rich in India because they were the first merchant classes. Also said that although he was a Jain he had to use bribes to get his newspaper to function. .

September 20th- Interview Anand K.Jain, a Jain lady who had been a lecturer in education.

September 19th – Interviewed Kilmohan Singh a Sikh on the management committee of the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi. Then went on to get an interview with Archbishop of Delhi Vincent Concessao. At Delhi Cathedral. On the way I saw a host of disabled people in wheelchairs outside the Cathedral and they were all begging together so gave them some money and they were pleased. Archbishop was really clued in to the environmental damage going on and the responsibility of Christians to do something about it. Also interviewed at the Cathedral Father Susai Sebastian, who I found to be a deeply caring Christian. He worked trying to set up schools and saw this as Christian duty.çessao…/indian-christians-arrested-during-protest-outside-new-de.…/story-GsKOsTD3hoqOE1oAdFxqbK.html

September 17th – Then interviewed an American monk called Prima Kisora at ISKON temple in Vrindavan. He had resided at the temple since 1973. He said the main environmental problems were caused by greed and materialism. He saw eating meat as particularly evil and pointed to 266 cows and 40 bulls kept at the ashram farm. Despite not being productive the bulls were allowed to live into old age.

September 16th – Interviewed Hindu Vaishnava head monk at the ashram called Sukhananda Brajawari. He descended from 5 generations of Vaishnava practioners right back to Jai Chaitanya Maprabu He claimed that chanting Hare Krishna had cured an abscess behind his eye and had made robbers dropped their knives when they were attacking him. Jai

September 15th –Travelled to Mathura to an ashram where I met Nanda Kishore. He was English and had been in India for 13 years. He said there was no point in doing anything about the environment because we were in the age of Kali Yuga when all would be destroyed .He thought that continually chanting the name of Krishna was the quickest way to get closer to God. Also interviewed a very western young monk Ananta Krishna who had got into the movement because his parents were involved. . Nanda kindly got me an interview with this guru Srila Bhakti Vedanta Gosvami who had thousands of followers as head of an organisation called Gaudiya Matha. The Guru said that the causes of environmental problems came from the pollution of the heart and this can only be rectified by chanting the name of Hare Krishna.…Gosvami…/e/B00RIWCH3Q

September 14th- Went to visit the shrine of the famous Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer. I was there to interview one of his descendants a Mr. Chisty. He was constantly visited by people who bowed to him and kissed his ring. Pity that he was too busy to give an interview, promising to send one later but he never did. What he did say was that Mohammed was the last messenger of God and that he was an environmentalist. A long way to travel and spend a day not getting an interview.

September 12th- Interviewed Dr.Pushima Mehta, a Jain who was head of Jainology at the International Centre for Jain studies in Amhmedabad. She followed completely the teachings of Ghandi and her students and her did spinning very morning.

September 11th – Interviewed two Hindu students at the University of Gujurat, R. Shreyas a student of medicine and Ketan Sulhar, a student of Chemistry. It was lovely as they liked my research and were enthusiastic to participate. Then interviewed Professor Yaineshwar Shastri head of the department of philosophy at Gujurat University. He emphasised the moral philosophy of Hinduism. Also interviewed a lecturer Anand H. Jain, student of business, N.P. Jain and Dr. Kamla Jain, a lecturer in philosophy.…/DSanskrit.pdf

September 10th- Went to see Ghandi’s original ashram and was inspired by the simple conditions that he lived in. In contrast talked to the Muslim owner of an Internet cafe who showed me photos of the burnt bodies of Muslims who had been killed in Ahmedabad by Hindus 3 months prior to me arriving. He said that many Muslim businesses like his own were burnt down whilst the Hindu Police looked on and 3000 were killed. Said that order was only restored when the Indian army was called in.

September 9th- At the Koba Kendra Jain Centre. There was a gathering of all the Jain participants, about 10,000 and I was asked to give a speech to them. So I just gave a brief speech of thanks to the centre and the Archyra. Interviewed the chief nun of the Terrapanth Sect, Sadhvi Pramukha Kanak Pharbhagi using my environmental questions. Gave me an insight into how hard the life of a nun was. Also interviewed another Nun Sadhvi Vishrutvibhagi.

September 8th- Interviewed some lay Jains, Shartesh Methta, Chaya Shah, with a Master of Philosophy in Jainism, and Ninali Shah who had an M.A. in Jainism. Also interviewed the head of the Jain Terrapanth Sect with 5 million followers, Archarya Shri Mahaprajna Mr. Kumar had been my constant help in getting interviews and was very kind. He said that the Jain monks had to wander from place to place by foot up to 20 miles a day carrying all their belongings and wait to be given food rather than beg for it.Śvētāmbara_Terapanth .āprajña

September 7th- Arrived in Ahmedabad.

September 6th- In Bombay tried to find interviews with Muslims but his proved difficult as I had found throughout India since 2001 9/11. Could not get to interview religious leaders or Imams. Interviewed lay Muslims, Shaik Moinuddin, Babloo Khan, Zakhip Khan, Vaquar Shahiwala and Ismail Shaich all of which found my questions difficult and did not really understand them.

September 5th- Visited the famous Sufi shrine in Bombay the Haji Ali Dargahin memory of the Sufi Saint Bukhari, as I was trying to get interviews with Muslim spiritual leaders but was unsuccessful

September 4th- Interviewed Dr. Surjeet Kaur Chahal, who I had met at the Johannesburg Conference. She had been very good at showing the moral and ethical basis of behaviour towards the environment according to Sikhism. Then interviewed her husband an ex army officer called Captain Harbhajan Singh.…/ph…/Research.htm

September 3rd- Interviewed the priest at the Gurdwara in Pune called Manyog Singh which proved difficult because he had little English. Then a brief interview with an older Sikh, Surinder Chinda. Then interviewed a head teacher called Dr. Harminder Kaur. Then interviewed an estate agent called Kawal Gurbax Singh and his son Devinder Singh. All very willing to interview about their views on the environment and spirituality. In the evening went with Captain Singh and Surjeet Kaur Chalal to the local Gurdwara to witness the practice of Sikh meditation of repeating the name of God or “Naam, Jap.”

September 2nd – Arrived in Mumbai from Johannesburg.

Attend the Earth Summit. The United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development, 26th August-4th September Johannesburg…/the-johannesberg-summit.html

Sunday 1st September

Stayed overnight in Soweto and saw the house where Nelson Mandela lived. Abner who was a student at Pretoria University in his work with the African National Congress had personally met Nelson Mandela and found him to be friendly and approachable.

August 31st- Visited Umbutu, a cultural centre of the conference, with pavilions from different world countries and the Water Dome, highlighting global water problems.…/waterdome-no-water-no-future-world-summit-sustainable-develo …

August 29th – Gave a talk on Green Spirituality. There was some interest shown.

August 28th- Distributed about 5000 leaflets around to promote the talk. Attended U.N. spirituality and ethics meeting and joined in discussions with others about how to incorporate spirituality more into the work of the United Nations. It seemed it was just in the early stages of development.…/meeting-ethics-spirituality-initiative-sustainable-de

August 27th – After attending a debate about the responsibility of richer countries to help poorer countries with their development I gave an interview with South African State Radio. In the interview I said that the British as ex-imperialists needed to take responsibility for their ex colonies like South Africa.

August 26th- Arrive in Johannesburg from Mumbai to attend the U.N. World Summit on sustainable development to give a talk about Green Spirituality and learn from other delegates and organisations attending. I had literally nowhere to stay and knew that Johannesburg had a high crime rate. But good fortune smiled on me and met Liz on the bus from the airport and she knew Abner and Prince who were students at Pretoria University. They agreed to allow me to use their rooms at Pretoria University so I did not have to pay for accommodation. true international solidarity!

August 25th- Go to Mumbai airport to get a plane to the airport for flight to South Africa.

August 24th- At Asirvanam monastery in Bangalore. Talked to a Benedictine Nun who said that it was difficult for Christians in India as some Catholic priests had been murdered in Orissa and Bihar states. A father would start training at 17 but they would not get a Parish until maybe they were 30-35 years old as the demands were so great. Travel by train to Mumbai.

August 23rd- Brother Kumari at Asirvanam monastery took me around the monastery farm which provided allot of local employment for 100 people. Interviewed four of the monks, Father Superior Maurus, Brother Jerome Naduvathaniyil, Brother James Thattanparamban, Brother Kumar and Father Sabi Njarolickal. All were inspiring in their dedication to serving Christ through working on the farm, in the clinic or the school.…/la-vie-monastique-en-inde

August 22nd- Travelled from Sera Monastery to Asirvanam Benedictine monastery by train.

August 21st- Travelled from Anjali Monastery in Mysore to Serra monastery in Karnakata. One of the largest Tibetan Monasteries in India. Interviewed two Geshes, this is a rank given to a monk who has studied Buddhism for at least 20 years! It seemed that the whole time was taken up by monks in training to memorise scriptures and use them in debates. Interviewed Geshe Serjhe Nyimo Tashi, Geshe Charaps Tenzin Choosen, Nyawag Namgyal and Tenzin Pulchang Nechung.

August 20th- Had an incredibly good interview day at Mysore University. I had written to them and they were keen to help me with my research. Interviewed Dr. Valentine R. Kumar, a lecturer in Christianity who was an expert on Christianity and the environment. Showing the great generosity of spirit of the Indian people Dr. Ramachandra, head of the philosophy department arranged for a whole panel of his staff to be interviewed .The participants were; Professor Nireshawalia, Dr. T.V. Sattyananayana, Dr.M.R.Veerabhadraswamy, lecturer in the Department of Sanskrit, Dr. H.L. Chandrashekara, Dr. B. Mahadwailes, Director of Ghandi Studies, Dr. Saresh Biba and Dr. Dasharatha, lecturer in philosophy at the Mahavani Arts College for Women’s_Science_College_for_Women,_Mysore

August 19th- Arrived at Anjali Christian Ashram. This was founded by a famous Catholic Priest who had died in a car accident two years before. What was remarkable about the place was that it had buildings which expressed both Hindu and Christian traditions.,_Mysore

August 18th – Travelling by bus to Mysore.

August 17th – At Kurishamala Monastery and interviewed the most happy person I have ever met, a monk called Jesu Prasad. Throughout the interview he emanated love, and smiled allot and said he was “serving God”. In reality he had no possessions. In 42 years the Cistercians had converted a mountain top into a thriving dairy farm which helped process its own milk and that of surrounding farms. It also bred pedigree cattle for breeding throughout India .Interviewed Father Superior Jesudas about monastic life. There was a problem in not many monks spoke English. Amazed that the Abbot only had a little box room to himself. Also interviewed Brother Augustine.…/kurisumala_monastery

August 16th – Travel from Trivandrum by bus to Kurishamala monastery.

August 15th- Was shown around Bethany Ashram by Father Ignatius Kadiamkunnil. I was amazed to see the many medical herbs grown there and the Dairy and goats. There was a concentration on natural healing at the Ashram. Then interviewed the Father Superior of the Ashram Father Justin Thundumennul who explained that this was also a training seminary for priests. The trainees might not get a parish until they were 30 even though they started training at 17! This was because they had to be so dynamic, often running schools and medical clinics. They sometimes had to deal with Hindu extremists as one of the priests recently had had his throat cut by extreme Hindus in Bihar. Went to Loyola College and interviewed two lecturers in social sciences, Dr. Jose Boban and Aby Tellas. Then went back to interview Father. Philip Neri at Bethany ashram who was an expert in yoga and nature cure. /…/article3193349.ece

August 14th – Arrive by train in Trivandrum. Go the Bishops Office and am directed to go to Bethany Ashram.

August 13th- Met a lady called Deborah at the Aurobindo ashram, who had been in India since the 1970’s. She studied under Ramana Maharshi and followed hi self enquiry method and still lived at his ashram. She swore that she could feel his presence still in the cave where he meditated. She said that Indians just see westerners as a source of money and they are hard to trust. She was currently worried about her pregnant friend, if she had a female child she would be beaten by her husband for not giving him a boy. She also said that nutrition is a problem for westerners in India as they tend not to get enough minerals through green vegetables.

August 12th- Arrived in Chennai by train and then onto Shri Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry. Went to a Guest house which was recommended by the ashram but it was too expensive. In the background saw a man who looked the spitting image of Shri Aurobindo himself! Enquired later and someone said that there were no old people at the guest house. Did I see a vision of Shri Aurobindo? Tried to discuss this with the people at the ashram but they were just no interested. Went on a coach to Auroville, the biggest Eco Village in the world!! Saw the sacred temple there, fantastic centre of peace in the middle of this gigantic ball!

August 11th – At the Henry Martyn Christian Institute and interviewed a Muslim scholar, Shaikl Abdul Khander and then interviewed Christian , Dr. Andreas D’Souza Abdul said that there were more Muslims due to come but they had fear of meeting a westerner since the Twin Towers attack in 2001. . .

August 10th – Went to get an interview at Hyderabad Krishna temple and interviewed Vedanta Chaitanya Das, who was president of the temple. Thought that if we stopped eating meat all the worlds troubles would be overcome. Then interviewed a Muslim Arabic teacher, Abdul Kareem Shahid. Thought he would lead me to other Islam interviewees but this was not the case. Went to see the famous Buddha statue.—ISKCON—01/168388

August 9th – Arrived in Hyderabad by train. Travelled to the Henry Martyn Institute.

August 8th- Travelling from Calcutta to Hyderabad by train.

August 7th – Interview Dr. Satchidananda Dhar, 82 year old former principal of Calcutta University and Professor of Indological studies at the Ramakrishna Institute of Culture. Then went on to interview a Muslim scholar, Abdul Mirz, at the Muslim Institute.…/

August 6th – Interview Swami Smarananda, Vice President of the Ramakrishna order.…/revered-swami-smaranananda-ji-maharaj-vice-presiden.

August 5th- Travel to Calcutta

August 4th- In Bodhgaya. Visit the Mahabhodi temple and meditate under the descendant Bodhi tree where Buddha became enlightened. Then went to interview a recognised reincarnated Buddhist, Artsu Tulku, who was a professor of Buddhism at a Buddhist University. Then went to the Burmese temple to interview Ven.Sundaranda Went on to the Shri Lankan temple to interview Ven. Nyaneinda Aishwarya, head of the Shri Lankan Buddhist temple. Then went on to interview an Australian, Paul Doherty, who was living in a temple at Tibetan Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya.

August 3rd- Travel from Varanasi to Bodhgaya. Go to the Thai Temple and interview Ven. P.C. Candasiri. Then had the privilege to interview the head monk, scholar and keeper of the Mahabhodi temple, Most Ven.Dr. Bhikkhu Bodhipala. I also interviewed his colleague on the Buddhagaya Management Committee, a Dr. Ram Swarat Singh. I also saw the gigantic Japanese Buddha Rupa, one of the largest in the world.…/maha-bodhi-society-of-india-its-hi

August 2nd- Befriended in Varanasi by Farooq, a lovely Muslim gentleman who took me around on his scooter. Go to Parhwanath Vidyapeeth to interview staff and Jain monks and nuns .Interview the Director of the Parhwanath Vidyapeeth, Professor Maheshwari Prasad and also the Assistant Director Dr. S.P. Pandey. Finally got to interview some more monks and nuns who were Jains. The monks were Pujya Mani Bhadra Muni, Muni Dulahraj and Muni Mahendra Kumar. The nuns were Pujya Sadhvi Bhauyanandaji, Sadhvi Chetan Prabhaji and Sadhvi Manjula Shrisi. Also interviewed Swami Vyaptananda of the Ramakrishna Mission of Home Service.…/Parshwanath_Vidyapeeth/Parshwanath_Vidyapeeth_Profile.p.…/Parshwanath_Vidyapeeth_Profile.pdf…/Parshwanath_Vidyapeeth_Profile.pdf…/

August 1st – . Go to Benares University. Like all occasions in India I arrived unannounced and been treated as an honoured guest, because my quest as a westerner is to understand Indian Culture. Amazed to be able to interview Professor Rana. B. Singh, pilgrimage tour guide and lecturer in the Geography Department. He shows me a magazine that he publishes about spirituality and the environmental problems in India. He showed a deep interest in Ecology. Then went on to interview Professor U.K. Choudhary, the Director of the Ganges Laboratory Cleaning and Planning programme. He was a devout Hindu who saw the Ganges as a Hindu God which was being desecrated by sewage pollution. He complained that the government was not giving him enough funding to do proper research.…/webadmin%3FA3%3Dind1106%26L%3DGEOGREL%2…/Ganga-promise-Walk-the-ghats-but-don’t-take-a-…

July 31st – Arrive by train in Varanasi. Spend allot of time in a rickshaw trying to locate Dr. Pandey who said he would give me interviews at his institute. Find allot of medical doctors! Nice Muslim guy called Farooq helps me in my search, Eventually when get on line locate Dr. Pandey and his institute.

July 30th- Walking around Rishikesh looking for interviews. Seemed a good time with the Shiva festival on but found difficulties. Interviewed a manager of an ashram S.R. Choudhary at the Gitabhawan Swargashram. Went on to meet other Swamis. I saw their Brahmacharyas who were ardent followers and they were literally camped out in a garage! One guy had graduated at university but felt the need to follow his guru. Had an interview with Swami Bhawatmananda at the Kailash Ashram who spoke in Hindi and looked very intense! Then interviewed Swami Mnishananda at the Borhamomes ashram who spoke in Hindi.

July 29th- Interviewed Swami Sarvadhutananada who was completely dismissive of an interview about the environment as he saw it as a “secular matter” not anything to do with spirituality. Felt disappointed as all spiritual interviewees up to that point in India thought that there was a strong connection between spirituality and the environment. Went on to interview Swami Swatantrananda at his ashram who was allot more positive Also interviewed Shri Vishnwaguru Ji Mahraj at his Yog Samrat Ashram. He was sitting in the entrance to his ashram, the International Vishvaguru Meditation and Yoga Institute, in a lotus posture and proud to announce he was 99 years old. The ashram was vast with many “underground caves” for various stages of practice towards realization.…/rishikesh/…/swami-swatantranand-ashram–…/Swami-Swatantranand/city/Rishikesh-10868858915594.

July 28th – The Shiva festival was happening in Riskikesh so there were allot of people around. Went to the an ashram the International Vishvaguru Meditation and Yoga Institute, and Swami Dharmanda saw me coming from an upstairs balcony and thought I was a “man with a good heart” and gave me an interview. He said that he did not follow Hinduism but the Sanatan Dharma. He made me feel so high in his presence that I forgot to take his photo, which was my usual practice. Went back to ashram to take the photo again but he was not there. Then went to the Sivananda Ashram for a series of interviews. Interviewed Swami Jivanmuktananda, Professor V.D. Randu, Gourahari Mishra of the forestry service, M.D. Mallikarjuna, and Yogacharya Sheshpal.ātanī

July 27th – Getting up at got the bus to Rishikesh. Very bumpy ride all the way with all the potholes in the way. At Chandigar I was still putting my luggage on the roof and the bus driver drove off until bystanders pointed out that I was stranded on the roof!

July 26th- In Dharamsala met Norton an English guy studying Tibetan Buddhism and interviewed him. Then went to Gaden Choelng Nunnery and interviewed a nun called Tenzin Chadon. She told me that there were many Nuns and they were much accepted on the Buddhist path.

July 25th- Went to the Tibetan Government in exile to see if I could get some help but you had to have 5 days notice for personal appointments. Went to Tse Chok Ling monastery to interview Geshe Thupten Palsang. Talked for one and half hours but got the insight that he was not really interested in the environment. Interview Kalsang Phutsock Lama, a graduate of economics and business. Interview two monks at Tse Chok Ling, Tenzing Dorge and Tenzing Tsundue.…/Monks+of+the+Dip+Tse+Chok+Ling+Monastery,+Dharamsala l…/the-sutra-of-the-teaching-on-the-four-dharmas…/the-sutra-on-the-deep-wisdom-at-the-moment-of-death/

July 24th- The Tibetans are progressive and went to see the Green Education centre but it was closed. Interviewed Tsering Sogyal, who was the Tibetan Welfare Officer. Told me that all had a right to education and that there was a recycling scheme. Also interviewed a lay person n the street Lobsang Lodie.…/tso-dharamsala.html

July 23rd – Went to Namgyal Monastery Geshe Lobsang Dakpa, a lecturer in Buddhist philosophy who had escaped from Tibet. The monastery kindly provided me with a translator. The title Geshe means that he has the equivalent of a Phd in Buddhist philosophy, taking about 20 years to complete. Then interviewed a young monk with good English called Kunga Gyatso. Later interviewed a monk called Tsering Tashi at Tse Chok Ling Monastery.…/developing-mental-stability-how-to-control-your-monkey-mind…/the-story-of-a-tibetan-boys-death-that-you-didnt-hear-about

July 22nd- In Dharamsala had to get a letter of permission from the Religious Department of the Tibetan Government in exile to do any interviews with monks. I had to go back and forth to get the letter but at least it prepared me for interviews the next day.

July 21st – Travelled by train and bus to Dharamsala.

July 20th- Interviewed Balvinder Singh a lecturer in town planning at the Guru Ram Das School of planning, part of Guru Nanak University. I was then given a guided tour of the Golden Temple by the assistant manager, Kawal Gurbax Singh.

July 19th- At Guru Nanak University in the Guru Nanak studies Department with the university kindly arranging interviews for me. So welcome in India! I interviewed Dr. Balwant Singh Dhillon who gave me a great insight into Sikhism and the environment as he had written allot of books about the religious culture of the Punjab. I then had the privilege to interview Dr. G.S. Bachan of the Theology and Ecology Department who knew allot about Sikhism and the environment. Then I met a remarkable Hindu man called Charag Hasnul, a lecturer in economics and religion who was voluntarily replanting trees throughout Amritsar.…/377744.html…/centre-studies-sri-guru-granth-sahib-starts-functioning-guru-nan.…/sikh-institutions-of-socal-discuss-sikh-code-of-conduct/…/manpreet.singh-137194-Getting-Married-Arranged-Marria..

July 18th- I went to the Pagalwara Charitable society. This was run by a saint of a women called Dr. Indergit Kaur, who with volunteer staff looked after the 700 inmates of abandoned children and the mentally ill. I interviewed her and it was clear he Sikh faith guided her and supported her.

July 17th- Went to Guru Nanak University to undertake interviews set up kindly by the University .Interviewed Professor Manjit Singh at the school of planning. Then met a delightful Hindu student Pawan Kumar taking a doctorate in Guru Nanak studies. Interviewed Jogeswhar Singh also studying for a doctorate in Guru Nanak studies. Interviewed two students studying law, Gurpinder Singth and Rajinder Singh and one studying journalism as Indergit Singh. Interviewed three further students undertaking Guru Nanak studies, Sarjit Kaur Bhullen, Anu Kanchari and Isha Chopra. The final interview was with an expert on Guru Nanak, Professor Manvinder Singh of the Department of Guru Nanak studies.

July 16th – Arrival in Amritsar.

July 15th- Overnight train from Delhi to Amritsar.

July 14th- Was taken on a tour of the Gobind Sadan Institute by Mary Fisher. She said that Guru Maharaji, her guru was the source of many miracles. There were 250 permanent residents. There were facilities to accommodate 10,000 devotees. All religious festivals including Christmas were celebrated.…/From_Maharaj_to_Mahan_Tantric_The_Construction_of_Yog

July 13th- Finding Muslims to interview was hard as after 2001 they seemed suspicious of westerners. This was evident of my 4 unsuccessful visit to Delhi Mosques to get an interview with an Imam. Found two Muslims to interview, father Jamaee Amis and son Sohal Amis.

July 12th- Went to the Nizamuddin Dargah Sufi shrine which was cared for by Kwarja Nalsan Sani Nizami. His family had taken care of the shrine for 800 years. He gave me a very good interview.…/

July 11th- Went to Jamia Hamdard Islamic University to do interviews with Muslims. Interviewed Dr. Ali and Mohammed Iqbal a professor of Botany. Then interviewed three students to get their views on Islam and the environment, Reiaz-ul- Rehman, Seema Yosuf and Muzammil Andoabir. At the university then interviewed a Church father who knew allot about the Christian ashrams in India, Father George Koovackal.…/muhammad-iqbal…set-up..…/The_Historical_Interaction_of_Sufis_and_Yogis_in_India_an_..

July 10th- Went to the home of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, an international Muslim scholar who had written about Peaceful Jihad. Amazed to find an army sergeant and policeman outside his house at the entrance and this was explained by his writings against the violent Jihad and the issue of fatwas which had prompted Muslim extremists making threats to kill him. Had found getting Muslim interviews difficult but this was the gem of them! Spent one and a half hours with this wonderful wise man who portrayed Islam as an ecological religion as regards caring for God’s creation. In the afternoon I was the “learned man” and guest of honour at a debate organised by Dr. Mohinder Singh of the Sikh Foundation. It was a debate about spiritual values and the environment with leaders from the Bahais, Christians, Sikhs and Muslims and I contributed the Buddhist viewpoint. This mini conference and my involvement was typical of how welcome I was throughout India in my quest for knowledge, the Indian people were incredible in their hospitality, friendliness and most of all the willingness to give their time in interviews.…Maulana-Wahiduddin-Khan/s?…27%3AMaulana%20Wahiduddin

July 9th- First real day for interviews and met Suhaib Illyasi, a television producer who put on television programmes and made films. He did the equivalent of crime watch programme and knew all the chief of Police in every state and offered to help me in my travels if I got into difficulties, which was incredibly generous. Indians I met throughout the whole trip were helpful, warm and generous. His father was an Imam. He said that Islam needed to be more modern.…/TV-producer-Suhaib-face-murder-charge-14-years-wifes-dea

July 8th- Went for a meal in in Delhi with Frazer who I met on the flight and Farooq his friend from Kashmir.

July 7th- Arrive in Delhi from Heathrow for a railway journey of two and half months. Felt I was landing on a different planet, so many people so much poverty. Mary Fisher, from Gobind Sadan Ashram sent a taxi for me. I had contacted her on the internet.

June 27th –Went to hear a talk at the local United Nations Association entitled “From Rio to Johannesburg- The Earth Summit 2002” from Sarah Donnelly of Friends of the Earth and Tom Holloway from Action 21. Good discussion as was intending to fly there from India and go myself. l

Leamington Peace Festival 15th-16th June

Perform as Kristoff the singing clown on both days. I organise all the recycling on the site as chair of the Action 21 Recycling group.…/leamington-peace-festival-2002.sht

June 8th- Perform for free as Kristoff the clown and do a magic show to support the Gap Jubilee event celebrations in Warwick. Also played with my friend Stewart as the Retroheads doing covers. Then took a workshop on song writing environmental protest songs.

May12th- The Retroheads played to support a community event in a local park called the Dell.

April 19th- Attended a talk at Warwick branch of the United Nations Association entitled “Can Peace be Achieved by the Absence of Weapons?” by Hannah King an expert on agriculture and fisheries and working at Coventry Cathedral at the International Centre for Reconciliation

April 8th –Attended a LETS meeting as social secretary but ended up the whole meeting talking about finance rather than planning social activities. .

March 15th – Played as the Juke Box Man at St. Michael’s mental hospital for the last time. The hospital closed the Cherry Tree Lounge where I played so patients could no longer come. Playing requests for patients from my collection of songs and getting them to join in.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

March 13th- Got a letter from James Plaskitt M.P. as I had written to him about my opposition to Fox Hunting. He said he was supporting the Fox Hunting Bill.

March 2nd – Campion School Gardening Club got an article published in the new school magazine at Campion School called “Campion Cosmos”,

March 1st – – Played as the Juke Box Man at St. Michael’s mental hospital. Playing requests for patients from my collection of songs and getting them to join in.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

February 27th- Attended the Action 21 AGM.

February 17th – Held a LETS social for new members as LETS social secretary.

February 11th – Went to Southfields Mosque in London to interview the Imam about Islam and the environment to improve my Islam chapter.,_London…/londons-first-mosque-a-study-in-history-and-mystery

February 4th- Attended LETS meeting as Social secretary trying to organise a LETS stall at the Peace Festival.

January 25th- – Played as the Juke Box Man at St. Michael’s mental hospital. Playing requests for patients from my collection of songs and getting them to join in.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

January 23rd- Chaired the Action 21 Recycling group meeting. We discussed putting a schools pack together. .

January 13th – Attended LETS social organised by Toni and Lee called a “Story Telling and Singalong Trading Day”. I did the singing bit using my Juke Box Collection of songs.

January 11th- – Played as the Juke Box Man at St. Michael’s mental hospital. Playing requests for patients from my collection of songs and getting them to join in.’s_Hospital,_Warwick



December 18th- Played a free gig with the Retroheads at Heathcote Disability Hospital to cheer up the patients for Christmas. With carols and good covers went down well.

December 14th- As part of my role as chair of the Action 21 Recycling Group got a letter printed in the paper appealing for the council to recycle plastic milk bottles.

December 1`4th- As social secretary of LETS organised a Christmas social of playing skittles at the Newbold Comyn Inn which people enjoyed. Thought it was a great way of people to meet and to get new members joining LETS.

December 13th- As chair of the Action 21 Recycling group attended a meeting where we started to plan the Recycling Roadshow to take round primary schools. .

December 8th- As social secretary for LETS helped organise a Lets Christmas Trading Day at the Salvation Army.

November 30th- Played as Juke Box Man hits selected by psychiatric patients at St. Michael’s hospital’s_Hospital,_Warwick

November 19th- Attended the LETS AGM. There was a long discussion on placing different values on different skills. .

November 15th- Wrote a song and performed it in a play called the “Quartermaster’s song”, which endeavoured to involve all part of the community in performance.

November 13th- Chaired the Action 21 Recycling group meeting. There were long discussions on how we could put on a Recycling Roadshow and idea that I had come up with.

November 10th- Joined hundreds of others in Leamington at a Stop the War Demonstration against the Iraq War organised by the Stop the War Coalition.

November 7th- Played for patients at the Rehabilitation Hospital as the Juke Box Man. I Played requests from the last 50 years of hits and it went down well with patients. Got a letter of thanks from the hospital.

October 11th- Chaired the Recycling group of Action 21 and came up with the idea of writing and performing a Recycling road show for primary school children.

October 10th- At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients. There are 19 patients, and performed 31 songs. .’s_Hospital,_Warwick

September 22nd- As social secretary of LETS help put on the Leamington LETS 10th Anniversary Party. I acted as DJ playing 45’s.

September 21st- At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

September 3rd- Attended a meeting of the LETS committee.

August 25th- Performed for free at the LETS social as Kristoff the clown to entertain the kids.

August 6th- Attended a LETS committee meeting.

August 2nd- Chaired Action 21 Recycling group and had meeting with Trees are Green Recycling Specialists. Learnt allot about the private sector recycling.

July 25th – Played my first gig at Heathcote Rehabilitation Hospital as the Juke Box Man. Played guitar and sang songs requested by the patients.

July 1st- Retroheads played at the LETS countryside barbeque. .

June 29th – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

June 21st- Attended a Visioning Day for Action 21 where contributed to discussions on how to make the organisation more effective.

June 16th- 17th Leamington Peace Festival. As Chair of the Action 21 Recycling Group manned a stall all week-end to try and get more members. Also organised the recycling of bottles and cans for the first time at the festival. This was carried on in future years.

June 1st – Attended a LETS new members social and Trading evening.

May 18th- At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man. Played 28 songs in two and half hours.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

May 4th- At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

April 20th – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

March 30th – – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

March 30th- Got an article in the courier newspaper about the 500th person signing up to LETS (Local Exchange and Trading System) when I was an original member of about 30 in 1991. Got a quote “Chris Philpott, social secretary of the group, said the system is designed to allow members to help each other using their skills and talents” The article was good because it emphasised that the scheme helped people on low incomes and gave an opportunity for lonely and isolated people to socialise Even Prime Minister Tony Blaire had backed it for creating links in the community.

March 17th- As social secretary of LETS organise a regional LETS get Healthy day at Bath Place Community Venture in Leamington. This entailed LETS members in the West Midlands giving talks and demonstrations about their particular therapy that helped people get healthy from 10.30am to 5.20pm. There were also treatment tasters throughout the day. There were 14 talks and demonstrations, and 32 exhibitors of health products and therapies. The event was supported by the attendance of James Plaskit M.P. It was also reported in the Coventry Evening Telegraph , Courier and Observer newspapers.

March 16th – Perform as “Kristoff the Juke Box Clown” on the Parade in Leamington playing my juke box songs. Raise £107.01 for Comic Relief.…/nojs

March 5th- Attended LETS meeting as social secretary to finalise the organising of the LETS get Healthy Day. Sorted out the rotas the 14 talks and demonstrations and the 32 exhibitors. by therapists. .

March 2nd – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.

March 1st – As chair of Action 21 Recycling Group had a meeting to discuss putting on a workshops for adults about Recycling at the Lillington centre.

February 16th- At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.

February 11th- Retroheads played for free at a community event “Made in Warwickshire” which promoted trade in local arts and crafts.

February 15th- There was a discussion about making the next directory at the LETS meeting.

February 2nd- At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.

January 27th – Retroheads played for free at the Peace House in Coventry entertaining refugees.…/coventry-peace-house-housing-co-operative-limited-r0041.…/coventry-peace-house.html

January 26th- As secretary of LETS helped to organise a Puddings and Poetry night at the Salvation Army, inviting other community groups to attend. .

January 18th- Received a letter from a letter from James Plaskitt M.P. stating his support for a fox hunting ban when I had enquired of his position.

January 14th- 5000 pro- hunting protestors came to Leamington. I joined the non-violent group that tried to put the opinion that fox hunting was inhumane and cruel. It was widely reported in the local press.…/a-history-of-the-long-campaign-to-ban-…



December 25th – After hearing of the plight of refugees at the Peace House in Coventry went there on Christmas Day to cheer them up with my “Juke Box Man” request show. Many Iraqis, Afghanis, and Iranians enjoyed the musical interlude.…/coventry-peace-house.html…/coventry-peace-house-housing-co-operative-limited-r0041..

December 20th- Did a Christmas concert for the patients at St. Michaels psychiatric hospital with the Retroheads.

December 16th- Hosted a LETS millennium Christmas party in my role as social secretary. Also played with the Retroheads for free to ass some music to the occasion. Encouraged people to trade unwanted presents.

December 15th – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

December 1st – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

November 18th- Retroheads played for free at All Saints Church Fair in Leamington.,_Leamington_Spa

November 5th – As social secretary of LETS attended a LETS poetry and Music afternoon. Performed as the Juke Box man taking requests from the audience. .

November 3rd – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

October 28th- Attended as social secretary of LETS a Halloween Party to encourage trading between members.

October 20th – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

October 6th – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

September 24th- As social secretary of LETS attend a LETS poetry picnic. Encouraging people to bring handicrafts, fruit and veg, and home made cakes and jam to trade.

September 16th- Ran the LETS stall at the Fresh Food Feast event at Bath Place Community Venture in Leamington. The event was to encourage people to cook with sustainable food .

July 2nd- As secretary of Leamington LETS attended a LETS barbeque at members home. There were tables put out for people to trade and even a table for children to trade toys for oaks. Played as the Juke Box man requests from the audience. .

July 20th- Campion School Gardening Club take part in the Britain in Bloom competition. The judges were looking at community involvement. especially by young people and the town won a Apple Silver award. .

June 21st- Played some of my songs at St. Patricks Irish club to support a “Mid-Summer Night survivors Poetry and Music evening” organised by South Warwickshire Users Forum.…/south_warwickshire_user_forum/warwick/…/businessdetails.a

June 24th- Performed one of my first charity events as Kristoff the Clown to a gathering of 200 brownies near Leamington spa

June 17th-18th Leamington Peace Festival

Set up an Action 21 Recycling stall as chair of the recycling group. Talking to the public about the need to recycle aluminium cans and plastic. Also performed as MR.Rubbish my recycling song in front of the main crowd. /

June 9th- – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

May 26th- At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

May 17th – As chair of the Action 21 Recycling group attend a meeting to discuss recycling stall at the Peace Festival.

May 14th- As social secretary of LETS host a lets trading party at my house. The Retroheads, of which I a member play to entertain.

March 11th- Attended the Coventry Millennium Peace Festival at the Coventry Peace House. Played some relevant songs like Imagine.…/coventry-peace-house.html…/coventry-peace-house-housing-co-operative-limited-r0041..

February 25th – – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

February 11th- Played for people attending the Pulse cafe run by MIND.

January 28th- – Played for people attending the Pulse cafe run by MIND.


December 25th- – After hearing of the plight of refugees at the Peace House in Coventry went there on Christmas Day to cheer them up with my “Juke Box Man” request show. Many Albanians and Cosovans who enjoyed the musical interlude.…/coventry-peace-house.html…/coventry-peace-house-housing-co-operative-limited-r0041..

December 24th- To cheer them up at Christmas time played a set as the Juke Box man to patients at St. .Michael’s psychiatric hospital.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

December 3rd- Played at the “Green Peace on Earth Party” at the Alexandra Arms Rugby for Greenpeace, CND and Friends of the Earth. Played requests as the Juke Box Man and also played some of my own Eco Songs, Beautiful Earth and Capitalism is killing the Earth, the lyrics of which you can see on my website.

November 19th – At St. Michael’s psychiatric hospital singing and playing requests of hits from the patients as the Juke Box Man.’s_Hospital,_Warwick

November 12th- Played in the Raise Your Banners festival bar at the Raise your Banners event in Sheffield.

November 6th- Retroheads played for free at Coventry Peace House. I played my song Spiritual Masters and Environmental Disasters, the lyrics of which you can see on this website.…/coventry-peace-house.html…/coventry-peace-house-housing-co-operative-limited-r0041..

October19th – With my friends Stew and Graham. Both more experienced musicians than me, formed the Retroheads. The idea was to do gigs for free to support community events.

October 10th- Played at the World Mental Health Concert organised by South Warwickshire Users Forum at St.Patricks Club in Leamington.…/south_warwickshire_user_forum/warwick/…/businessdetails.a

September 6th- Got an article in Action 21 Newsletter Transaction about the establishment of the Gardening Club at Campion School. I had joined my friend Pam who had started it in 1998. This detailed that we had converted a grass patch into an organic vegetable garden, reinstated the greenhouse and dug a pond.,_Leamington_Spa /

July 16th- Played requests as the Juke Box Man at the Pulse Cafe in Leamington run by MIND

June 19th-20th Leamington Peace Festival

June 19th- Played as Eco Man at the Leamington Peace Festival .Played Eco Warrior, Do you want to Save Planet Earth?, Spiritual Masters and Environmental Disasters, Extinction and Eco Blues, the lyrics of which can be seen on this website.

June 11th- Played and sang at the Pulse Cafe run by MIND in Leamington.

June 3rd- Met my friend John-Francis Phipps who was helping me edit the book.…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phippsn…John-Francis-Phipps/dp/0957663706

May 23rd- – Played and sang at the Pulse Cafe run by MIND in Leamington.

May 6th- Stood as a Green Party Candidate for Warwick District Council.…/Electionresults/…/ViewElectionResults/…/Default

March 19th- Played my first gig at the Pulse Cafe run by MIND as the Juke Box Man.


December 21st – Play for the first time in public for 35-40 minutes at a MIND Christmas Party. Mainly doing Beatles songs.

August 19th- Went to see John-Francis Phipps in Brighton and he helped me when talking about the book.…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phippsn…John-Francis-Phipps/dp/0957663706

July 29th -2nd August attended the Big Green Gathering.

August 2nd- Had a good talk on Feng Shui and Space Clearing by Liz Cooper and Anne Nash.

August 1st – Talk by Palden Jenkins about world change was really informative.. Also talk on crop circles by Michael Glickman.…/power-points-in-time-palden-jenkins-detail…/michael-glickman-crop-circles-a-force-of-nature-or-bey

July 31st – Went for a guided tour around Avebury with Robin Heath. He was knowledgeable about Stonehenge as well and gave me an insight into the ancient pagan culture in U.K.

Then went to a talk by Alberto Ruz about a Peace Caravan across America.…/robin-heath-stonehenge-the-marriage-of-the-sun-an…1…27%3ARobin%20Heath

July 30th –Went to a talk by Nick Kollestrom on Lunar cycles and growing plants.…/nick-kollerstrom…/9780572046293

June 20-21st Leamington Peace Festival. Attended Leamington Peace Festival



July- the ninth and last edition of the Green Spirituality Magazine is published. I had to shelve the magazine because I had run out of money to print it and post it. Contributors to the edition were Chris Philpott on from Personal Revolution to Spiritual Evolution, Andrew Kent on Solipsism , Pat Bushell on Global Reality 2, Tony Dixon on Masculinity, Guru T, Reezun on the Real Reality, Margaret Laurence on recovering from relationship loss, Stephen Owen on Cosmocracy, and John-Francis Phipps on Beginnings and Ends.…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/dp/


September – Attended the Green Party Autumn Conference to chair the Green Spirituality Working Group.

September- Edition eight of the Green Spirituality Magazine published. With contributors Nolene Porok on Green Spirituality, John Spencer on Sai Baba, Joke Hermsen on the binding elements of religion, Chris Philpott on Personal Revolution, Margaret Chisman on the quiet pilgrim, Fred Gibson on the white tribes of Ulster, Pat Bushell on the Journey, Derek Chorley on return to childhood and Chris Johnstone on the Eastern Orthodox Church.…Spencer…/s?…bin%3AJohn%20R.%20Spen…/final-result-for-warwick-district-council-elections-1-..…/election_agents_-_district_elections.pdf

March – Attended the Green Party Spring Conference to chair the Green Spirituality working group.

March- Edition seven of the Green Spirituality Magazine published. The Green Spirituality network members had voted for the following statement about Spirituality to be incorporated into the Philosophical Basis of the Green Party Manifesto.

“Spirituality means different things to different people. In the green movement, this quality of diversity is respected without question. Green Spirituality recognises and accepts the universal human need for meaning and the need to restore balance in acknowledging that our planet and all life are unique aspects of an integrated whole. We humans are responsible for protecting or damaging life on earth. Green spirituality is a way of being in the world that honours and celebrates our connectedness to the earth, to each other and all life. This involves an attitude of compassion and humility. The abundant and diverse forms of life on earth are sustained by the functioning of natural systems, which ensure the provision of energy, air, water and nutrients for all living beings. Every manifestation of life is unique and therefore deserves respect. Green Spirituality re-connects deeper values to the political process and provides new energy to resist ecologically destructive actions. It also reminds us to respect in all our actions, future generations of all life.”

The contributors to the magazine were Pat Bushell on Visioning tomorrow, Philip Hensel on the ideas of Edward Bellamy, John-Francis Phipps on Peak experiences and politics, Fiona Bowie on Money, Pamela Constantine on Green Spirituality and the Green Party of California, Stephen Owen on New Age Religion, Louise King on a critique of green theory, Ray Moye on the skills and knowledge to evolve consciousness, and Rob Yellowhamer on the False Gods of England.…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/dp/…Fiona-Bowie/dp/140512105X…/e-study-guide-for-anthropology-of-religion-by-fiona


September 1992- Chaired the Green Spirituality working group at the Autumn Conference of the Green Party to make progress with agreement on the text expressing the need for spirituality in politics as part of the Philosophical Basis of the party.

September- Edition six of the Green Spirituality magazine published. Contributors were Derek Chorley on Green Wisdom, Pat Bushell on visions of tomorrow, Melinda Welsh on Tom Hayden, Martin Quantz on the Spirit World, Eugene Bronson on a Green Vision, Fiona Hulbert on Christian Greens, Derek White on Green Minds, and Colin Moore on the Holy Island Project.…/ecology-gaia-hypothesis-and-saving-all-beings-by-colin-………Jean…/0791449106

March- Attended the Green Party Spring Conference to convene the Green Spirituality Working group to make progress with agreement on the text expressing the need for spirituality in politics as part of the Philosophical Basis of the party.

March- Published edition five of the Green Spirituality Magazine. Contributors included Henryk Skolimoski on the spirituality of Green Politics, K. Sivapalan on the importance of the OM symbol, Rev. John Papworth on the death of Christ and the Global Crisis, Rob Yellowhammer on David Icke, Mike Foster on Warrior week-ends, John Butterfied on the Celtic Cross, Professor Gopal Puri on Forests, Margaret Chisman on starting Green Spirituality Groups, and on Non-Violence.…/12333921.Clergyman_who_housed_Blake_is__apos_rea…/john-papworth-on-transition-from-fourth-world-.


19th-22nd September Green Party Autumn Conference

Attended the Green Party Autumn Conference and distributed the fourth edition of the magazine “Green Spirituality”, spare copiers sold well as David Icke had attended the conference. Also chaired a meeting of the Green Spirituality Working group to decide on the wording on the spiritual statement for the philosophical basis. .

September – Green Spirituality Magazine fourth edition published. Contributions from Pat Bushel on what we can do, Tina Fox on Earthly religions,Politics and Anti-Politics by Laurence Thompson, Des Scholes on Politics and Spirituality, Psychosynthesis by Ray Moye, Celtic Living by Chris and Laurence Thompson, God or Machine by Alex Begg, Edward P. Echlin on Christianity and the environmental crisis.…/agm01drafttimetable.htm…/1851741526

September 8th- Met John Francis Phipps who helped found the Green Spirituality magazine to discuss the coming Green Party Conference.…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…John-Francis-Phipps/dp/0957663706

April 13th -14th Green Party Conference gave a talk on Green Spirituality and chaired a meeting of the Green Spirituality Working group to decide on the wording on the spiritual statement for the philosophical basis. Distributed the most recent edition of the Green Spirituality magazine. .

March – Third edition of the Green Spirituality Magazine is published. The network at this stage was 237. There were contributions from John Hulton on emotional needs and green politics ,Linda Neale writing about Green Spirituality in America, Paula Kovacs writing poetry, Susan Roche on yoga and green living. Graham and Violet Walker on Quakerism, Laurence Thompson on Paganism , Starhawk on sacredness, Graham Dummet on the Philosophical basis , Derek Wall on Green Spirituality, Spirituality and Green Politics by Rev. Jonathon Clatworthy, Religious Fanaticism by Bernard Ikbery, Parallels by Ray Moye and finally creating wildlife areas by Maggie Moore. /…1…27%3ADerek%20Wall…/the_state_were_in_is_god_the_problem_or_the_ans…/


September – Green Spirituality Magazine No.2 published. There were contributions from Janet Christian on emotions and Green Politics, Graham Joughin on Green Astrology, Sara Parkin on Green Politics , Ken Jones on Green Spirituality, Chris Thompson on Celtic Living, Linda Hendry on Spirituality, and David Johnston on clarity..…/1849711186

Green Party Spring Conference 7-8th April

7th and 8th April- The Green Spirituality Working Group meets under the chair of John-Francis Phipps twice with 50 people attending each time. This shows the appetite for spirituality in the Green Movement. The philosophical basis was discussed. The Network stood at 100 plus.

March – First Edition of the Green Spirituality Magazine was brought out. This was financed by a donation from my friend John-Francis Phipps. This outlined the main aims of the group which are listed here as they are for the basis of the Green Spirituality book.

  1. Explore spiritual value systems and see how they apply to the green movement.
  2. Try to get spiritual values incorporated into the Philosophical basis of the Green Party Manifesto.
  3. Create a network of members.
  4. Encourage workshops on aspects of Green Spirituality at Green Party Conferences.
  5. Exchange experiences and value systems held in the group so there is a greater understanding.
  6. Produce a Green Spirituality magazine as a platform to explore the ideas and information concerned with Green Spirituality.
  7. To check incoming policies of the Green Party to see if they accord with the philosophical basis.
  8. To create an “inner energy” resource in the Green Party.

Myself, John Gibson, Nigel Pamphilion and John Francis Phipps had produced some written material for the philosophical basis. In the magazine there was articles by Toni Tye Preisler, Pat Bushell, Lee Priesler, Roland Nichols Ken Jones, and Derek White.…John-Francis-Phipps/s?…27%3AJohn-Francis%20Phipps…/“many-bodies-one-mind-movements-in-british-bud


March 1989 Green Party Conference in London : Convene the Green Spirituality Working group in the Green Party with the aim of uniting different spiritual traditions to come together and agree to a set of words to describe spirituality in the Green party Manifesto. 50 people attended the meeting and agreed to meet at each conference to see the process through.




i have been invited to talk at the glastonbury festival


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